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Dr Harry Bailey
and his hospital
Doctor Harry BaileyPicture of The Former Chelmsford Private Hospital

People who looked well and who would have easily passed an employment 'physical' entered Chelmsford Private Hospital and never came out alive. How did this happen ?

Those who got 'The Chelmsford treatment' made one basic mistake - they trusted what their doctor told them.

But individuals who became involved started out from very different starting points. Some had established mental illnesses. Some had very minor psychological problems. And some had physical illnesses or in at least one case was only seeking to complain about failed surgery, wishing to know how to get the damage repaired.

Having had the misfortune to be referred to one of the group of doctors who jointly operated the Chelmsford Private Hospital patients were on a psychology assisted 'conveyer belt' to getting ECT and drugs. Rather like the way that a Jewish person in Hitler's Germany would be 'assisted' to board a train having been told they were being relocated to a labour camp.

Psychology was used in the Nazi 'final solution to the Jewish problem' right up to the fake shower heads in the gas chamber. Psychology was also central to the 'Chelmsford conveyer belt' system that kept the beds at Chelmsford full and the dollars rolling in. Chelmsford was what might be termed 'a good little earner'. This was after all capitalism at work not national socialism.

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