First International Greek Congress of Legal Medicine and Forensic Sciences. Athens, 1987.

A baby was born full term and healthy. Unfed for 36 hours, he sucked poorly and developed severe jaundice, resulting in brain damage. Independent experts agree that his paediatrician was negligent. Reports were provided to the MDU, whose solicitors then suggested that the claim should be settled on humanitarian grounds.

However, MDU rejected its legal advice, coached the defendant to commit medical fraud in court. As a result, the Judge was deceived into deciding the case for the defendants. When the plaintiff's father reported the defendant's perjury to MDU, it threatened him with defamation. When told of contempt of court by MDU and defendants, the Judge replied that he could do nothing. The police, Attorney-General and Registrar of High Court were also informed. As yet, no action had been taken.

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