Why are our young doctors killing themselves?

All grief stricken go through four stages:

1. denial,

2. rage,

3. depression

4. acceptance.

Doctors sued by their patients for medical mishaps are often grief-stricken. They pass through the first three phases effortlessly and naturally. Many reach "acceptance" after proper counselling by medico-legal experts.

When it is ineffective and unprofessional, extreme tragedy results as doctors remain overwhelmed by "denial, rage and depression"- and fail to reach "acceptance".

Doctors are human - and therefore not infallible. Yet one insurer, The MDU, in a blatant unscrupulous attempt to win members, advertises that they are as blameless as Asklepious, Greek God of Medicine! As a result, its doctor-members are unable to accept their fallibility and remain stuck in the third phase of depression, during which they kill themselves.

To promote doctors as blameless contributes to, if not causes their suicides. When the remedy maims or kills their patients.

Where appropriate, all doctors should without delay convince their medical insurers and Medical Defence Unions (MDUs):

"Look here, please. We are human, we have made big mistakes. Our patients are seriously injured as a result. Please pay them fair compensation promptly as you had promised us. We want to practise Medicine with a clear conscience."

The lives of all doctors, young and old, are largely in the hands of MDUs. Medical Defence, presently more like Medical Deception, must be ethical, moral and legal.

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