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To achieve justice for doctors
and patients.


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DR CARY T.T. OOI, MBBS, JP, GCAE, Dip Health Law

36 Excalibur Avenue, CASTLE HILL NSW 2154


Phone/Fax: 61 (02) 9680 2560




  • To provide expert testimony for victims of medical negligence.
  • To assist plaintiffs' lawyers in their claims against insurance companies, hospitals, health providers.
  • To empower patients to claim monetary damages in personal injury claims.
  • To reduce medical stress and suicides in defendant doctors.
  • To expose medical-defence fraud, as in Ooi J v Bishop, Assunta Hospital, Dr Gwen Smith G (Malaysia, 1986).
  • To disclose conspiracy (against patients, judges) between Law and Medicine, as in Ooi J, TT v Smith G (Malaysia, 1986).
  • To reduce Nervous Shock in survivors of medical negligence and their carers, as in Hayes R, K v South Sydney AHS, NSW 1996.
  • To ensure that doctors' premium payments to their insurers and medical defence unions(MDUs) end up as equitable compensation payouts to their injured patients.
  • To monitor actual compensation paid by MDUs to plaintiffs.
  • To inform authorities about perjury by professionals, as in Ooi C v MDU 1988.

    Details :

    Bulk-billing (for medical management). Cheques/cash (for medicolegal reports, expert court testimony) No fees payable (pro bono) where patients are disadvantaged financially. Languages Spoken:

    English, Indonesian, Malaysian, Chinese dialects.


    If you have a medico-legal problem please do not hesitate to send us a letter. All inquiries will be received in the strictest confidence, your privacy will be fully respected.

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