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To achieve justice for doctors
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A book to empower all Medical Victims seeking Truth and Justice in Health Injury Compensation.


Medico-legal Conspiracies & Medical Defence Fraud - exposed


  • Medical Director, Disabilities & Compensation Inc.
  • Vice President & Medicolegal Adviser, MCA.
  • Consultant, Human Rights Commission, Australia

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Patients put their lives in the hands of their doctors. Almost always, they recover. Once in a while, accidents happen - and the cure is worse than the disease. And the truth behind the disaster is often hidden. Patients may have to sue them to get, hopefully, honest explanations for their medical injuries. . Far from greed and compensation neurosis, it is only natural, for badly damaged bodies to appeal to deep pockets for salvation, not compassion.

That is when some previously honest, dedicated providers may begin to lie and their lawyers hide. At the wink of an eye, medical insurers and defence lawyers can brain-wash defendant-doctors (and their "expert" witnesses if there are any) to rewrite Medicine. While the intention is to save funds by denying medical victims fair compensation, the resulting medico-legal frauds also deceive the judiciary. Bad legal decisions become dangerous medical precedents.

Quite easily, the caring professions of Law and Medicine may collude and conspire to cheat citizens of their rights. Might is Right when the two most powerful disciplines work together against the injured medical consumers. Besides, the judiciary appears reluctant to find doctors negligent even where there is overwhelming evidence.

What judges think are "medical insurers" are in fact mutual funds or Medical Defence Unions (MDUs). They are "friendly societies, non-profit mutual funds" formed more than a long hundred years ago to help doctors and their patients, but they now appear to destroy both. As the Tito Report on "Professional Indemnity Review" has shown, present health indemnity policies are dangerous products, with serious liabilities attached. They have been linked with gross injustice, and suicides and homicides by desperate defendants. Worse, it has been revealed that "medical litigation kills patients" as well.

MDUs are rich, powerful and unethical enough to defend the indefensible. Experience how they mastermind CONSPIRACIES, bend TRUTH, obstruct JUSTICE, deny COMPENSATION! And they appear to be above the Law. "DISABILITIES, COMPENSATION & CONSPIRACY" is a timely expose of black Medical Deception masquerading as white, ethical Medical Defence. Be horrified that political, medical and legal inaction might be killing or maiming thousands of medical consumers every day.

The only remedies for Medical Victims in Australia may hang upon the United Nations - and the digestion of this book! The united revolt of readers can achieve miracles!


1. Health Injuries - the causes, extent, and cost.

2. The Injured Medical Consumers - victims of injustice.

3. Medical Injury Compensation: Medical defence or Medical DECEPTIOn?

4. Experts in Law and Medicine - Providers of fact? Or purveyors of fantasy?

5. A Tale of "Frauds, Cheats and Manipulators..." - who are they?

6. The Judiciary - Is there a bias against Patients?

7. Child Abuse and Neglect - by the systems and by professions.

8. Medical, Legal and Political Ethics - whom do they protect?

9. Medico-legal Complainants and Whistleblowers - does anyone listen?

10. The future for Medical Victims - UN Human Rights Remedies

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