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To achieve justice for doctors
and patients.


Director and Medicolegal Consultant
Dr Cary T.T. Ooi, MBBS, JP, GCAE, Dip Health Law




2000: Medical Director, Medical Defence Conspiracy, United Medicolegal Remedies

1998: Medical Director, Disabilities and Compensation Pty Ltd

1994: Visiting Medical Officer, West Sydney Disability Services, Rydalmere.

1991: Medico-legal Advisor, Medical Consumers Association (MCA), NSW

1989: Vice President, MCA

1988: Consultant, Human Rights Australia ( in: Rights of Child, Mentally Retarded Persons and Disabled Persons)

1988: Justice of the Peace, NSW


1986-1993: Medical Officer, West Sydney Developmental Disability Services

1976-1977: Medical Officer, Marsden Hospital for Handicapped Children, Sydney

1968-1969 Medical Officer in Paediatrics, Assunta Hospital, Malaysia

1966-1967: Registrar in Internal Medicine, Malaysia

1964-1965: Clinical Specialist in Anaesthesia, Malaysia

1962-1963: Intern in Medicine, Obstetrics & Gynaecology, Malaysia




Amnesty International (AI)

Australian Medical Association (AMA)

Australian Plaintiff Lawyers' Association (APLA)

Australian Society for Severe Communication Impairment (AGOSCI)

Brain Injury Association (BIA)

Chinese Australian Forum (CAF)

For Legally Abused Citizens (FLAG)

Free Speech Committee (FSC)

Medical Consumers Association (MCA), NSW

People with Disabilities (PwD)

United Nations Association of Australia (UNAA)

Western Sydney Division of General Practice (WSDGP)

Whistleblowers Australia (WA)




1998: Anxiety, Depression and Adjustment Disorders

1995: Health Care Litigation, Sydney, 9 Sep 95.

Family Medicine - Meeting new Challenges. Hong Kong, June 95

Joining the Human Rights Revolution - How to use the UN, Sydney, 24 May 95

1992: A State Legal Conference

To Tell a Lie

1991: Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

Scientific Meeting for Association of Doctors in Developmental Disabilities

1990: 9th Commonwealth Law Conference, Auckland; Scientific Fraud, Sydney

1988: Doctors, Patients and the Law

1987: Expressive Communication and Environmental Control

1983: Legal Medicine and Forensic Sciences, Singapore

1976: Congress on Rehabilitation Medicine, Southampton, UK




1997 Expert Medical Witness Training; AMA, Sydney. 8 November

1997: Graduate Certificate in Applied Ethics, Aust Catholic University

1995: Intensive Courses in Bioethics, John Plunkett Centre, Sydney June 95

1988-1992: Solicitors Admission Board, Sydney University

1988: Law Procedures Course, Sydney University

1981: Linguistics Today, Sydney University

Speech Pathology & Hearing Disorders, University of NSW

1956 - 1962: M.B.B.S (University of Singapore)



by Dr Cary Ooi

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Last Updated: February 2000