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To solve today's 'medi-maze' of professional - governmental paternalism and incompetence today's medical consumers need to educate, cooperate, and organise, thus developing an authentic power-base over which THEY have ownership.

We are seeking to network with a large number of medical consumers who wish to obtain real choice and accountability over medical services via community pressure , law reform, and co-ordinated communication with government.

To do this we need to have a national membership of active members who can,  as a coordinated community, expertly respond to cases of abuse at the hands of the medical services industry and oppose any proposed anti-consumer legislation and so combat an industry lobby that currently gets virtually anything it asks government for.

By joining MCA you will get the quarterly Medi-tation newsletter; an opportunity to put your views via letters to the editor in the newsletter; E-Access to 25 years of MCA experience and opportunity to purchase our medical consumers survival kit CD-ROM; and ongoing access to members news and views on how to approach problems in medical services supply.

To join us with these efforts printout this application form. and post it to MCA with your subscription.


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