Salicylates List

I've had to remove the salicylates list for copyright reasons.  However, the information that used to be in the salicylate and amine lists is available on pages 376 – 381 of The role of natural salicylates in food intolerance by Anne Swain.  Note that that's the PDF page count, you're looking for Appendices 10 and 11 of the thesis.

For salicylates there is a list that seems to have most of the information that I had on the Salicylate Sensitivity web site.  I've also just found a list on the Low Oxalate Diet web site that includes salicylate levels as a side line, and the food coach has some information, though it's not in a table so it's a bit difficult to access.

Personal Experience

I have found the following potato varieties to be acceptable:  Estima, Sante, Saxon and Sebago.  I think that Fianna are okay, but it’s a long time since I’ve tried them so I wouldn’t guarantee it.

The following potato varieties gave me problems:  Cara, Marfona and Nadine.

I’m not sure about Maris Piper and as a result I avoid them.

If anyone has information on any additional foods based on personal experience I'd appreciate hearing from you at Contact email address.