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This site does not contain any explicate images showing sexual acts.....
but does have fetish images, adult themes concerning BDSM and Gender fluidity....
Personally I believe in freedom of association, speech and lifestyle.
So if viewing this site goes against your personal views or local laws etc. then I suggest you leave now!
Also this is mainly a frames free site so look for the navigation at the bottom of pages...
I will try not to make the pages too long... 8)

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Last updated: 26th March 2005

News Update
....Reactor Rubber wear in Australia has added some of my designs to their label....
these items as well as other specific designs sold under my own label
are available in their Newtown shop (Sydney NSW) and in their soon to be opened Melbourne shop...
Also I am now currently making fully steel boned corsets in both Latex
and also the more traditional Silk brocade which I personaly buy in China

International association of rubberists

site best seen on a 1024x768 screen rez...

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