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Latex Designs by Donna
are custom made clothes made by a rubberist for fellow rubberists....
I use the best quality sheet latex manufactured by
4D in England
along with other local and imported notions and fittings.

While I do sell to selected stores or resellers...
I prefer to deal in person with clients,
this way I can do my best to create something
that is of meaning to the person who commissions my work.

Basically I can make just about any thing you have in mind clothing wise ranging from
catsuits to designer gowns this includes foundation wear such as bras and corsets

As all my manufactured items are custom items, prices are on request
and reflect materials used and time taken....
 while I can get almost any solid colour latex the delivery times from the UK to Australia
can effect the total time it takes to complete an order
so please contact me regarding availability of items.

I am also currently making fully steel boned
corsetry featuring high quality Chines Silk Brocades

I can be contacted via..

for a look at the colours 4D has at present:
Available 4D colours

For a guide to taking your measurements:
Measurements form

Latex Designs by Donna
*ABN #87-892-754-638
*Australian Business number

Billing via paypal
My items on Ebay goth auctions

I can bill you via paypal for any orders requiring credit cards or international funds...
local orders paid via cheque, COD or direct banking...
all orders shipped after funds cleared...

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