Britannia 3E

The Age of Enlightenment



A conversion of the world of Ultima IV: Quest of the Avatar

Twenty years have passed since the fall of Exodus, marking the defeat of the Triad of Evil. From the rubble of Sosaria, Lord British has united the land under his one rule. This new Empire of Britannia brings with it the promise of much sought-after peace and prosperity for its subjects. Many of the great cities have already seen tremendous growth since the unification of the realm, and it is hoped that the new regime will heal the hurts of war, and open up the wilderness to settlement and trade.

However, much remains to be done. While the settled lands near the cities and towns of the Empire are peaceful, the rule of law is weak to nonexistent elsewhere. The lords of evil have been destroyed, but their servants remain, subjecting the land to chaos and devastation. The great Dungeons remain as open wounds which none dare to close; gateways to the realms of the Underworld where monsters dwell. There is much truth in the saying, "the Empire is large, and the Emperor is far away".

Britannia now stands on the verge of a new Golden Age. It awaits those who will seize the moment and shape its future, bringing the promise to fulfilment.

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