Credits and Links

The sections on virtue and the history and geography of Britannia are mostly taken from the Book of History and the Book of Mystic Wisdom, the manuals for Ultima IV: Quest of the Avatar, 1987 by Lord British and Origin Systems, Inc; and the Book of Lore, the manual for Ultima V: Warriors of Destiny, 1988 by Lord British and Origin Systems, Inc.

Quotes by "Shalineth" and other characters are from Paths of Destiny: A Guide to the Mysteries of Ultima V, the official hintbook for Ultima V. 1988 by Lord British and Origin Systems, Inc.

Much of the background material can also be found on the World of Sosaria web site:

Mysterious Sosaria has plenty of information about Britannia ca. Ultima V, and is the source of the pictures of Britannian locales:

The Ultima Online web site includes the Ultima archive:

Fans for Ultima lists several homebrew Ultima CRPG projects:

Denis Loubet, who did a lot of artwork for Origin, has a home page:

The core d20 rules can be found at the Open Gaming Foundation:

Pictures of megalithic monuments obtained from the Stone Pages:

Visit EN World for news, reviews and d20/D&D discussion:


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