Other Places of Interest

The Castle of Lord British

Population: varies between 200 and 1,000

Major demihuman groups: none

Signature prestige classes: Britannian guardsman [DMG: dwarven defender]

"In Lord British's name, stand aside!"

The great castle of Lord British stands on a hill outside the city of Britain, overlooking Britanny Bay. It is an imposing structure, having been strengthened and enlarged many times during the Ages of Darkness. The castle is the effective seat of government for the Empire of Britannia. Not only is it the residence of Lord British himself, but the Great Council, drawn from representatives of the eight major towns and cities, meets here six times a year.

The castle's grounds are extensive, containing vast storerooms, the royal treasury, and guest chambers for those seeking audiences with the king. Here too are armouries and barracks where the Britannian Guard, the elite core of the army, constantly train for war. Being a guardsman is a demanding duty, but one that these doughty fighters take to with relish. Those who have the king's favour may be able to persuade the guardsmen to train them in the combat techniques they use.

The Lycaeum

Population: 750

Major demihuman groups: none

Signature prestige classes: loremaster [DMG], archmage, argent savant [CArc], spellsinger [CArc: seeker of the song]

"So little time, so much to learn...."

The Lycaeum is a name applied both to a castle in the northwestern corner of Verity Isle, a short distance away from the mages' town of Moonglow, and the order of magi and philosophers who dwell within. The Most Learned Order of the Lycaeum, to give it its full name, was founded by Lord British a few years after the unification of the Empire. Its mission is to promote greater knowledge of the mysteries of the world, and in its short existence, it has already developed a reputation as the foremost research center in Britannia. The ranks of the Learned Order include many of the wisest and most intelligent minds in the land, who strive to deepen their understanding of matters arcane, material and spiritual. They are aided in their task by a great library that is second to none, an observatory and numerous alchemical laboratories.

The castle which the Order makes its own is also home to the Eternal Flame of Truth, which shines through day and night in a great chamber on the third floor. There it is tended by Lord Sean, Chancellor of the Arcane.

Empath Abbey

Population: 500

Major demihuman groups: woodland spirit folk

Signature prestige classes: medium [MoR: reibai]

"Love conquers all."

Empath Abbey nestles beneath the eaves of the Deep Forest, south and west of the city of Yew. It was established shortly after the fall of Exodus, a time when the land was still recovering from the wars against evil and in need of healing, both physical and spiritual. Now a sanctum for the principle of Love, this haven of reflection welcomes the troubled of heart, as well as those who seek to meditate and reflect on virtue. The Eternal Flame of Love was brought here after the unification of Britannia, and now it shines from a balcony on the second floor.

The residents of Empath Abbey have an intimate relationship with the spirit world, born from their long hours of contemplation and communion. The greatest among them are the mediums, or spirit seers, who can summon the denizens of the spirit world. The path of the seer takes great devotion, which limits their ability to travel far from the Abbey; those who would seek their advice must come to them instead. This is usually no great deterrent. On the physical side of things, the Abbey is also the most famous hospital in the Empire; if its healers are unable to cure you, the chances are that no-one can.

Serpent Hold

Population: 1,100

Major demihuman groups: none

Signature prestige classes: knight commander

"Hail Britannia!"

During the Ages of Darkness, the Knights of the Silver Serpent formed the core of Lord British's elite guard. As a reward for their loyalty, following the unification of the Empire, the order was given the great castle of Serpent's Hold, guarding the harbour on the Isle of Deeds. The Hold is perhaps the mightiest fortress in Britannia, with defenses surpassing even Lord British's own castle.

The order remains the foremost knightly organisation in the land. Its knights still take on their traditional role of commanding Britannia's armies, although the threat has receded with the vanquishing of the Triad of Evil. In addition, the order bears another sacred duty: to guard and tend the Eternal Flame of Courage, which burns in a secluded chapel in the basement of the fortress. The Flame is a memorial to all the brave warriors who fell in battle during the Ages of Darkness.

Heroes who have done great deeds in defense of the Empire may sometimes be granted honorary rank in the order, as recognition of their courage. As knights, they may take advantage of the facilities of Serpent Hold, which include extensive training grounds, a forge, library, and a spacious and well-equipped hospital.

Buccaneer's Den

Population: 3,300 (large town)

Major demihuman groups: half-orcs

Signature prestige classes: guild enforcer [CAdv: nightsong enforcer], guild infiltrator [CAdv: nightsong infiltrator], shadow stalker, shadow sniper, shadow warrior

"You will not find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy..."

Buccaneer's Den is a notorious outpost of criminality, located on an island in the midst of the Great Sea. It has been a haven for pirates, thieves and cutthroats since the beginning of the Ages of Darkness. Several attempts have been made to bring a measure of law and order to the town, but these have mostly failed. Rumour even has it that Lord British has concluded an informal truce with the Den, allowing it to operate on a semi-autonomous basis so long as its pirates do not challenge his authority too brazenly. This is denied by British's top naval officers, who have stated that they remain firmly committed to stamping out the threat.

Buccaneer's Den is especially notorious for the activities of its Thieves' Guild, which has a hand in illicit activities all over Britannia. The guild has seen a boom in profits since the vanquishing of the Triad of Evil; a united and peaceful land benefits even thieves, it seems. Its senior members often take the guild infiltrator and enforcer prestige classes. The Thieves' Guild is also said to work in association with an organisation of paid killers that remains in the shadows. While this has never been confirmed, it may serve to explain why the Den remains intact despite the efforts of the authorities.

Human characters from Buccaneer's Den gain Bluff as a class skill. They are weak in Honesty and Honor.


Population: 200 est. (hamlet)

Major demihuman groups: river spirit folk, sea spirit folk

Signature prestige classes: disciple of the virtues [OA/CD: void disciple], protector of the virtues [OA: Shiba protector], spirit warrior

"Seek within yourself to find the true meaning of the Way."

The magical hamlet of Cove, a harbour of the virtues since time immemorial, has been seen by few. Of these, fewer have returned to tell the tale. It nestles somewhere among the mountains south of Lock Lake, but its exact location remains a mystery.

Cove exists on the border between the material and spirit worlds, a timeless and unchanging place. Legend has it that those who have completed the quest of the Avatar in the past, and achieved transcendence, make their home here. Characters who are on the quest themselves will probably find themselves seeking the wisdom of their enlightened elders at some point. The path may be difficult, since the rolling hills and valleys that surround Cove are remarkably easy to get lost in. It's said that these lands are the subject of a great spell, meant both to foil would-be invaders and test the mettle of others. Those who have benign intentions but fail the test eventually find themselves back at the spot where they began their trek, somewhat wearier but otherwise unharmed. Those who have evil in their hearts, however, are never seen again.

Player characters cannot come from Cove. However, those who visit this place seeking enlightenment may find themselves taking either the protector of virtues or spirit warrior prestige classes.


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