Imbued magic

This is based on the "Levelled Treasures" article by Stephen Kenson that appeared in Dragon 289, the nemuranai in AEG's Magic of Rokugan, and some house rules.

Upon reaching 4th level, you may spend XP to imbue your items (or yourself) with magic. If you are 1st to 10th level, the cost is one-fifth what the regular market price in gp would be for the enchantment. For example, a +1 sword has a market price of 2,000 gp (plus the cost of the sword itself), so the XP cost of imbuing it would be 400 XP. If you are 11th to 20th level, the cost is one-tenth what the regular market price in gp would be for the enchantment.

This process takes one day per 1,000 gp market price, just as for item creation. The Signature Item feat (see below) reduces the XP cost by one-half for the purposes of imbuing one specific item. An imbued item must either be a weapon, or take up an item slot.

An imbued item's caster level is always equal to your character level.

If you imbue an item, its magic works only for you, or anyone to whom you give it freely. To anyone else, the item is simply a mundane example of its type (although it may still be of masterwork quality). Items that are on loan for an extended period of time may eventually "change their allegiance".

Instead of imbuing an item, you can choose to make the magic an innate part of yourself. This costs the same as if you were imbuing an item that does not take up an item slot. For example, a stone of good luck (luckstone) gives a +1 luck bonus to saves and skill checks, does not take up an item slot, and has a market price of 10,000 gp. You can spend 2,000 XP and gain the benefits of a luckstone without needing a physical magic item at all.

There are the following limits on this process.

It's also possible for items to become spontaneously imbued, without spending any XP or time. This happens only at the DM's discretion. Such items still count towards the market price limits given above, although item creation prerequisites and limitations don't need to be met.

Signature Item [General]

The essence of your spirit manifests strongly in one of your possessions.

Prerequisites: 4th level.

Benefits: Choose an item you own. The XP cost of imbuing that item with magical power is halved. Any XP you may have already spent in imbuing the item is not affected; that is, the benefit is not retroactive. You may not apply this feat to magic that is an innate part of yourself.

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