The Toilet Cleaner

Being a janitor in a typical fantasy city isn't just fun and games. The sewers beneath the city teem with far more hideous creepy-crawlies than you can poke a stick at. We know this, because many characters have in fact poked sticks at these creepy-crawlies and somehow lived to tell the tale. These characters were toilet cleaners, the unsung heroes of legend, fighting to make cities safe for all clean-living folk.

Class Statistics


Hit die: d10


Level    Attack     Fort    Ref     Will   Special
         bonus      save    save    save
1         +1         +2      +2      +0    Favoured enemy (vermin)
2         +2         +3      +3      +0    Stainless equipment
3         +3         +3      +3      +1
4         +4         +4      +4      +1    Immunity to polymorph
5         +5         +4      +4      +1    Favoured enemy (oozes)
6         +6         +5      +5      +2    Windex of Doom
7         +7         +5      +5      +2    
8         +8         +6      +6      +2    Whirlwind attack
9         +9         +6      +6      +3
10        +10        +7      +7      +3    Favoured enemy (aberrations), mop of death

Special Abilities

Weapon and armour proficiencies: The toilet cleaner is proficient in simple and martial weapons, and exotic weapon (mop).

Favoured enemies: At 1st level, the toilet cleaner gains vermin as a favoured enemy. This mimics the ranger ability in all respects. If the janitor is also a ranger, the favoured enemy bonus stacks.

At 5th level, the toilet cleaner gains oozes as a favoured enemy. The bonus associated with vermin increases by +1.

At 10th level, the toilet cleaner gains aberrations as a favoured enemy. The bonuses associated with oozes and vermin increase by +1.

Stainless Equipment: At 2nd level, the toilet cleaner gains knowledge of the lore of stainless steel. Any equipment he is using is rendered immune to rusting attacks and acid-based attacks.

Immunity to polymorph: At 4th level, the toilet cleaner gains immunity to polymorphing effects.

Windex of Doom: At 6th level, the toilet cleaner gains the ability to inflict critical hits on oozes (which are normally immune to such hits).

Whirlwind Attack: At 8th level, the toilet cleaner gains the benefits of the whirlwind attack feat, when using his mop. He does not have to meet the usual prerequisites for the feat. If he already has this feat, he can make a whirlwind attack as a standard action instead of a full-round action.

Mop of Death: At 10th level, the toilet cleaner gains the dreaded Mop of Death ability. The toilet cleaner merely has to strike his opponent with a successful melee attack to set up the deadly vibrations. Anytime thereafter, within a period of 1 day/level of the toilet cleaner, he can will the victim to die. The victim must then make a Fort save vs DC 10 + the toilet cleaner's level + the cleaner's Cha modifier or be slain immediately. This ability functions even on creatures immune to critical hits. It can be used once per week.

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