Quasi-VP/WP for D&D

The Vitality/Wound Points system as used in d20 Star Wars, Spycraft and elsewhere has a number of advantages compared to D&D's normal hit point system. In particular, VP are recovered at a much faster rate than hit points (hours compared to days), which reduces somewhat the need for a medic on extended trips into the dungeon. Given D&D's emphasis on dungeoneering, and most players' reluctance to be the party medic, this seems to be not an inconsiderable advantage.

Furthermore, WP allow an extension of the bottom-end of the scale, so that characters can take a bit more damage before dying. This reduces the game's lethality at low levels, which isn't entirely a bad thing seeing how low-level characters tend to be almost as fragile as the mooks they're fighting. It also helps to address one of the complaints about D&D's hit points, namely how there isn't much middle ground between functioning at full capacity and getting knocked out.

The following rules should serve to recreate most of the effects of VP/WP. The main points of difference to VP/WP are that only one (hit point) scale is used, with the zero point located where VP are exhausted; and critical hits are handled using the D&D rules.

Some complications exist in D&D that either don't have parallels in most VP/WP games, or aren't adequately spelled out in the rules:

It's entirely possible that there are other problems or complications that I've missed. If you find one, feel free to tell me about it.

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