Base Defense Bonus

A multiclassed character's base defense bonus is calculated as follows. Find the character's total levels in classes that have each of the poor, average and excellent defense progressions. Use these to find the character's bonuses from the poor, average and excellent defense progressions on the table on IH p.29. Then add these bonuses together to give the total base defense bonus.

For example, consider a berserker 3/executioner 5/harrier 7, a 15th level character. This character has 3 levels in classes with a poor defense progression (berserker) and 12 levels in classes with an average defense progression (harrier and hunter). Looking up the table on IH p.29, this gives a +2 bonus from the poor defense and a +10 bonus from the average defense classes, so their base defense bonus is 2 + 10 = +12. This is slightly higher than a single-classed 15th level berserker would have (+11), but lower than a 15th level executioner or harrier (+13).

Feat Mastery

A multiclassed character's feat mastery levels are calculated as follows. For each category, take the highest mastery level contributed by a class, subtract 1 from the contributions for each remaining class (to a minimum of 0 per class), then add these together.

For example, consider finding the Finesse mastery level for the berserker 3/executioner 5/harrier 7 mentioned above. The highest class contribution to Finesse mastery is +4 from the 7 harrier levels. The executioner levels contribute (3 - 1) = +2, and the berserker levels contribute (0 - 1) or 0, since the minimum contribution per class is 0. Their total Finesse mastery is thus 4 + 2 + 0 = 6.

Last updated: 12 Jun 2006

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