Allen and Amy's Wedding

While I was in Malaysia, I attended the wedding of a cousin nephew uncle second uncle of mine. Most embarrassingly, he remembered me, but I didn't remember him. This was to be repeated numerous times over the course of my two weeks in the country.

So anyway, here are the photos, just for you, Uncle Allen and Aunt Amy.


Note gleaming white teeth

Arriving at the bride's house (in a manner of speaking)

He is NOT nervous

It's really the boss's car

How red does a wedding have to be, anyway

Several battalions of lawyers made negotiations difficult

Trying to say "I love you" in 10 languages was difficult when he only spoke 5

The happy couple

The happy couple redux

Still happy

A fidgety kid in a dress

Throwing away perfectly good tea

Yum cha with six million relatives

Even the kids got in on the act

The stress is NOT getting to him

Handing out bribes

Stupidly, I forgot to get her name and number

After the six million yum cha sittings, comes the six million photo shoots

I don't know who any of these are

Three little maids from school are we

The kid on the right needs to poop... NOW

An excellent shot of one of the paparazzi, if I do say so myself

Three lawyers

Everyone has their eyes closed in the ancient, hallowed tradition

Nobody can remember what this remote control is for

Grandma gets smaller every year I see her

An Englishman keeping a stiff upper lip

There's no getting away from the long lens

The happy couple again

The groom's side

Not a bomb

A lush

Nobody in this picture is drunk

The group just kept getting bigger...

... and bigger...

... and bigger...

... and bigger.

Brothers and sisters


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