Linda Barwick's family photos and documents


Suzanne Voilquin nee Monnier (1801-1879) - pencil drawing 1839

Charles Felix Millard I (1833-?late 1860s) - taken in ?1850s, son of Suzanne's sister Adrienne Monnier Mallard Brugnot (1810-1849)

1850 New Orleans census entry for "Felix Mallard", being brought up by his stepfather Pierre Brugnot in New Orleans

Birth certificate of Samuel Benjamin Mallard (b. New Orleans 1857) - son of Charles Felix Mallard and Mayann Wall Thompson. It is not known what happened to this son. Note that birth certificate of the couple's next son Charles Felix Millard II (b. Nassau 1858) shows the surname as Millard not Mallard.

Charles Felix Millard II (1859-1919) - taken in ?1880 - son of Charles Felix Mallard and Mayann Wall Thompson (Nassau 1840 - Key West 1906)

another photo of Charles Felix Millard II (Nassau 1859- Miami 1919) - taken in ?1890s

Charles Felix Mallard's second son  Alfred Elvin Millard (?1862-1940) in masonic regalia, taken around 1901

Young love! Elvin's daughter Marjorie Amy Millard and Percy James Barwick (Jim) - at their first meeting in Thirroul, 1922 - she was aged 15, he was 18. They eventually married in 1930

Elvin's sons Trev and Dud in the Balmain Rugby League Football team, 1920s - written on back: "The Jonas (Balmain Rugby League); middle row 2nd from right Dud Millard; front row, 1st on left Trev Millard"

Elvin's youngest daughter Marjorie Barwick nee Millard (1907-1987) in about 1932 - studio photo taken to send to relatives in America

Marjorie's young son John Barwick (1933-1988) in about 1935 - studio photo taken to send to relatives in America

Alfred Elvin Millard with young John Barwick and friend, Rabaul, PNG, 1937

Elvin's second wife Mary Jane Millard nee Hamilton (our Nan), circa 1950

wedding of Elvin's grandson John Barwick and Olwyn Thomas in 1954

Elvin's Barwick great-grandchildren, Sydney, 1961: Linda (b. 1954) at back, front row L-R Anne (b. 1956), Jill (b. 1959), David (b. 1957)

Elvin's daughter Marjorie Amy Barwick nee Millard (Mama) and her mother Mary Jane Millard nee Hamilton (Nan), 1960s

Australian Millards and connections, 2002 - my cousin Trevlyn Millard (seated), his wife Rose, Jack (John) Millard, my mother Olwyn Barwick, Linda Barwick (grand-daughter of Marjorie Amy Barwick nee Millard) - the photo taken in Ashfield, April 2002, by Jack's partner Ann-Maree Holmes. Jack and Trev are grandsons of Elvin Millard, and Linda is his great-grand-daughter.