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In 1978, Wormald International's Corporate Head Office (with a staff of some 120) was at Crows Nest. (Wormald Journal Volume 1.1 Page 8). Crows Nest is a suburb of Sydney and is situated on the Lower North Shore of the harbour.

At the date of the buy-out, the Park Works site in Manchester covered 51 acres and had 2,633 employees. Mather & Platt also operated at Radcliffe, Preston and Farnsworth in Lancashire, Bishopbriggs in Glasgow and Salford, Manchester. The total workforce was 3,428.
(Wormald Journal Volume 1.1 Page 8)
Wormald International 1978 - Biographical Notes
Chairman 1978
J. W. Utz
(Wormald Journal Volume 1.1 Page 6)
Directors 1978
Sir William Mather, Mr. Harry C. Smith, Mr. Geoff Davis, Mr. John Walter Utz, Mr. John S. Pigram, Mr. D.M. Carment.
(Wormald Journal Volume 1.1 Page 6)
Sir Nicholas Shehadie A.C., O.B.E. joined the Wormald Board in 1978. (Wormald Journal Volume 1.2 Page 15) In an international career from 1947 to 1958, Nick Shehadie was the cornerstone of Australia’s rugby union team, a prop and second-rower who matched size and skill with toughness and determination. He played 30 Tests, then an Australian record, and captained Australia, NSW and Randwick. He went on to become a prominent figure in Local Government, serving as Lord Mayor of Sydney 24 Sep 1973 - 26 Sep 1975 and as Deputy Chief Commissioner, 6 April 1987 - 31 December 1988. During the last fourteen years, he has contributed markedly to the State of New South Wales. His wife is currently the State Governor. Her Excellency, Marie Bashir.
Sir William Mather retired on 17th August 1978 after 31 years service (1947-1978) on the board of Mather & Platt, of which he had been Chairman since 1960. He was also a member of the Wormald International Board from 1976 - 1978. (Wormald Journal Volume 1.2, Page 15). 1976 - the year he joined the Australian Board - was also the year that his father, Loris Emerson Mather, died.

Chief Executives etc. 1978

Mr A.W. Connor (Mather & Platt) 1978
(Wormald Journal Volume 1.1 Page 6)
Kelly & Lewis Pumps 1978
(Wormald Journal Volume 1.1 Page 6)
R.K. Barker (MD Security) 1978
(Wormald Journal Volume 1.1 Page 10)
Mr J.L. Sonnberger (GM - Wormald Int. Security)
(Wormald Journal Volume 1.1 Page 15)
Retired in 1978 after 26 years service.
Mr. Ian Mackay (GM - Wormald Security) 1978
(Wormald Journal Volume 1.1 Page 15)
Replaced J. L. Sonnbeger.
Terry Kenaghan (Australian Manager of Wormald Int. Sensory Aids) 1978
(Wormald Journal Volume 1.1 Page 16)
H. G. Davis (Wormald Int. MD Fire Protection & Electronics) 1978
(Wormald Journal Volume 1.1 Page 11)
Mr. Russ Powell (W.I.L. - Manager Australian Capital Territory) 1978
(Wormald Journal Volume 1.1 Page 11)TOP
Mr. William Addison (W.I.L. - Manager Western Australia) appointed 1978
(Wormald Journal Volume 1.1 Page 15)
Harry Percy Wormald
Joseph Dawson Wormald
The first New Zealand branch of Wormald was established in 1946.
This was the listing of Mather & Platt Offices in Britain for 1979