A History of
Mather & Platt Ltd.
The Jubilee Book 1958
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The Jubilee Book 1958

Link to full frames site if you have arrived on this single page.The first draft of this history was written in 1953 at the request of the then Chairman, Loris Emerson Mather, by a team from the company itself. This draft is dated 1958. It reflects the birth, growth and life of an extraordinary entity and is both comprehensive and clear in its scope. Very few companies in the world can boast of the existence of such a profound body of researched work dating back - as this does - to the beginning of the Industrial Revolution in Britain. Almost fifty years have passed since this book was written. People and places are now gone. Mather & Platt no longer exists in Manchester; but the history of this remarkable company remains - rich, detailed and alive. It is reproduced here as a tribute to the company and as a celebration of the work undertaken by the original writers. The book they wrote was never actually published. This book has been designed as an internet companion volume to 'Marcel Boschi's History of Mather & Platt' which is a detailed text and photographic record of the companies, men and machines mentioned in this history.

David Drew-Smythe (Wormald) and Marcel Boschi 2001