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Mulsifyre ProjectorsSYSTEM - The Mulsifyre system extinguishes fires involving oils, or similar flammable liquids, by the use of water only. The equipment, consisting of pipes and projectors, is permanently fixed around the plant to be protected and is usually automatically controlled for immediate operation in the event of fire.

PRINCIPLES - The Mulsifyre system applies water in the form of a conical spray consisting of droplets of water traveling at high velocity. Three principles are employed in the system - emulsification, cooling and smothering. The result of applying these principles is to extinguish the fire within a few seconds.

Emulsification - droplets of water traveling at high velocity bombard the surface of the oil to form an emulsion of oil and water that will not support combustion. The effect of this emulsion is to convert a flammable liquid into one that will not burn. The emulsion thus formed is not of a stable character so that a few minutes after the water is shut off, the oil has started to separate from water, which can be drained away, leaving the oil unimpaired so far as the action of the water is concerned.

Cooling and Smothering - the rate of burning of a flammable liquid depends upon the rate at which vapor is given off from the surface of the liquid, and the supply of air or oxygen to support combustion. When a flammable liquid burns, the rate of vaporization increases until the fire reaches a maximum rate of burning, with the surface of liquid near to boiling point. The Mulsifyre system when forming a mixture intersperses cold water with the oil, thus cooling it and reducing the rate of vaporization and in addition prevents further escape of the flammable vapors. While the air droplets are passing through the flame zone some of the water is formed into steam. This dilutes the air or oxygen feeding the fire and creates a smothering effect.

Deluge ValveAPPLICATIONS - Mather & Platt discovered, pioneered and developed in their Mulsifyre system the principle of extinguishing oil fires by the use of water only. The Mulsifyre system is today installed throughout the world to protect a wide range of plant and equipment.

ADVANTAGES - Speed - The Mulsifyre system extinguishes oil fires within a few seconds by emulsification, cooling and smothering. Economy - The Mulsifyre system uses water only as the extinguishing agent. Flexibility - The Mulsifyre system can be incorporated with Grinnell Sprinklers and Protectospray in an overall scheme for the protection of plant, storage areas and administrative buildings. Reliability - Automatic operation of Mulsifyre equipment is free from the human element and is almost recommended. All the equipment is designed for simplicity and it is proved for reliable operation in all types of industrial location and in any climate. Minimum Fire Damage - The Mulsifyre system with automatic detection and economical use of water ensures that after-fire damage is kept to a minimum, and that the plant affected is in operation again with the minimum of delay.

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