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Albert Lambert   19/Jul/2002:11:31:13
This is a fascinating development, a record of the dedication of many people to the service and the successful progress of a great company. It is a wonderful and a very formidable project! I wish Marcel Boschi and all associated with it every success.
Albert Lambert   18/Jul/2002:20:43:03
Enjoyed the site, very interesting!
Satish G. Pillai Best Wishes 13/Jun/2002:07:24:43
It is really a marvellous effort at your end to compile such prestigious corporate history of Mather + Platt.We are delighted to be a part of this organization.With best wishes from Satish G Pillai Managing Director Mather -&- Platt Pumps Ltd.
De Greve Gaston   22/May/2002:21:58:54
Toutes mes félicitations Marcel, pour ce remarquable site.C'est une oeuvre grandiose à la mémoire de Mather -&- Platt. Je te souhaite autant de réussite pour la suite qui sera, je l'espère, couronnée par l'ouverture d'un Musée M -&- P.
Norman ELLISON History of Mather and Platt Ltd 08/Apr/2002:15:05:19
I am sat in The Manchester Science Museum with Marcel, who is visiting Manchester to gather further information for his book "The History of Mather -&- Platt Ltd.

Marcel will a guest at the M+P Long Service Association Annual Dinner and Reunion on the 19th of April 2002 at the Pennine Way Hotel, Oldham. This will be a special occasion since it is the 50th. Reunion of the Long Service Association. Lady Eleanor Mather and Peter Mather will be guests of honour at the Reunion.

Marcel is to be congratulated on his dedication to produce a fine book which will be a important addition to the social and industrial life of not only Manchester but also to the North-West of England.

Secratary of the Mather & Platt Long Service Association.
Jon Bleasdale Bleasdale Family Pages 21/Mar/2002:21:25:48
Great site! Just what I was after. My dad recently died and I've been
trawling through his bits+pieces and also started my family tree.
My grandad John Shirley Bleasdale worked at M+P, I've found his 40
years service watch; still going strong. I'm trying to piece together
his work @ M+P, I know this meant that he was in a protected occupation
during WWII, but don't have any dates or locations of his service. He
was born in Lower Broughton (1906) so was just up the road from the
Salford works, but later he moved to Prestwich (1930's) so would have
been near Radcliffe. Just to add to the confusion I always thought he
worked in Miles Platting !?! I also run a local history site for
Prestwich, and am researching the Prestwich home (the family was also
buried in Prestwich) of William Mather - Woodhill. The house has long
since gone but the place name remains and I do have a couple of photos
and a press article.Can anyone shed any light on my Grandad's service
or Woodhill? Pls. e-mail me with details. - Jon
Brian Hibbert   21/Feb/2002:19:09:27
Congratulations, Marcel - keep it going! I joined Mather -&- Platt as an
apprentice in 1962, and was one of an intake of 140 guys - the only one
I keep in touch with these days is David Bamber. In those days Mathers
were acknowledged as having the best apprenticeship scheme in the
region, and it certainly stood David and myself in good stead. For the
first year of our apprenticeship we were located in an Apprentice
Training Centre, and also attended a Works School, which was the
equivalent of a Technical College. The Works School's 'Anthem' was the
song 'Forty Years On', and lo and behold here we are 40 years later! I
would love to get in touch with as many of 'the 140' as possible - the
anniversary of our starting was September. I am trying to contact
people using local connections, and also using the Friends Reunited Web
Site. If there is anyone who can help, or is one of the 140, then
please contact me on Thanks, Brian (Hibbo) Hibbert.
Philip Gee   01/Feb/2002:15:30:17
started as an apprentice in 1962 then into GM division Textile and Tyre
Cord left in 1971/2
Fantastic training still have the tool kit I made in the training
Stuart Lawrence The Lawrences 28/Jan/2002:13:41:45
Great site! As an ex-M+P employee I have fond memories of my time with
the company - I started in 1976 and left in 1985. I am putting together
my own tribute to M+P and this will appear soon at -
it will be a personal view rather than a historical one. I have a lot
of M+P literature, company magazines, internal telephone directory, and
so on. Please let me know if you need any information, photographs,
etc. It would be interesting to have a where-are-they-now section. For
my part, I'm currently working at ALSTOM in the UK.
Tommy Walsh   21/Jan/2002:19:31:42
visiting the site web site brings back so many memories. i did a short
story for the local history group on my apprenticeship at m-&-p if you
would like a copy Marcel please let me know. it is most commendable
that you have gone to aso much work in getting together such a
interesting tour. best wishes
David McGinlay   03/Jan/2002:16:14:47
This is a document of great historical value. Thank you. As an employee
of Mather and Platt from 1969 to 1995 (when the electric motor dept was
closed down), I found the attention to detail in this site fascinating.
Himadri Sen   09/Dec/2001:12:59:35
Great Site. I worked for Mather and Platt in India for nearly twenty
years (1974 -1993). There is a hundred year old pumping station on the
river Ganges right in front of my house in Calcutta. They have Mather -&-
Platt split case pumps nearly eighty year old.
India is full of old M-&-P pumps - I collected some pictures for M-&-P
India's corporate brochure in 1989.
Craig Pendlebury   26/Oct/2001:09:14:02
Served apprenticeship in pump dept as turner -&- vertical borer 1966-72
and was something of a non conformist in the later years seeing myself
earning a living in the bright lights of racing motorcycles, which came
to be. Have always been thankful of the engineering training at M-&-P and
would love to hear from anyone who remembers me or at M-&-P around that
Eric Sutcliffe   19/Sep/2001:12:44:36
After a lot of hard the history will be appreciated by a lot of ex M-&-P
Richard Hilton
e-mail updated
Thank you,Marcel for this wonderfull work which allows us to meet
these ancient self made men.
It allowed me also to meet my grand father Robert Hilton,manager
in 1925-1931 in Mather -&- Platt (Roubaix),who died before I was
born.That is the magic of Internet.Richard Hilton
Larry Grinnell Grinnell Family Association Webmaster Home Page 08/Sep/2001:15:03:41
I have been working with Marcel for several months, providing him with
what limited information I had on the Grinnell Corp., and directed him to
places where he might be able to find more. My own father, Norman F.
Grinnell (1906-1958) worked for Grinnell in various capacities for much
of his adult life. He was only related to Frederick Grinnell in a very
remote way, perhaps a seventh or eighth cousin. My father's father,
Archibald F. Grinnell (1875-1931), also worked off and on for Grinnell as
a draftsman and other capacities.

Marcel has done a wonderful job documenting the history of this fine old
company while, at the same time, its current owner, Tyco International,
seems to be doing its best to erase the Grinnell name from the company

Marcel, job well done!
Helen Grinnell King Bronzestuff 03/Sep/2001:03:50:02
Great site Marcel! What a lot of work you have done. I applaud you in
your efforts. The data you have uncovered is very interesting and
Keep up the good work!!!
Best Regards,
Pierre Steenbrink   28/Aug/2001:08:04:15
Bravo Marcel! Je n'ai aps encore la maturité et al persévérance pour
aller aussi loin. très intéressant.
Percy John Hulmston   25/Aug/2001:10:06:59
Ethel May Gabbutt My Aunt was Fred Dowson's Second wife
DDS   25/Aug/2001:05:13:07
Congratulations Marcel on the launch of this site. I wish you many
visitors and interesting research.