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Robert Hilton (Courtesy of Richard Hilton, his grandson)

Robert HiltonRobert Hilton was born c.1890 in Stockport (UK) and became Manager of Mather & Platt at Roubaix, in France in 1925 where he served until 1931 when he retired. His successor at Roubaix was Ernest Boschi.

Prior to this appointment, Robert Hilton had worked with Mather & Platt, in Manchester as a Technical Draughtsman and Inspector. He was sent, in 1920, to Weisbaden in Germany where he served the company for a further four years. His family accompanied him to Germany and then to France in 1925 when he took over at Roubaix.

Robert Hilton died some three years after his retirement, in 1933. Such details left to the family are few and far between and are currently being collated by his grandson, Richard, for addition to this page. Richard has worked in Paris for the National Geographic Institute and now lives, with his family, in rural tranquility in southern France. He is a keen archaeologist, often travelling to Tunisia to study Roman civilisation and antiquities in that country.

When Robert Hilton died in 1933, he left a wife and young family. His son, Richard's father, born (also in Stockport) in 1918, was just 14 years old. With the family (his mother and two sisters) he had to move nearer to Paris and had to abandon his studies at a young age in order to earn a living.. He was tenacious and did well enough to support his mother and sisters under their new circumstances.

He met his future wife in Paris but World War II intervened and he enlisted in the British Army, serving mostly in the Western Desert, south of Tobruk. They were married after the war and he worked first of all for the "Marshall Plan" and then at the British Embassy in Paris as a Commercial Attaché. A formidable man, by all accounts, he spoke very seldom about his own father and such family memorablia that can be found about Robert Hilton comes to Richard only indirectly from anecdotal memories and rare written notes left after his father's death some three years ago. Richard would be pleased to hear from anyone in the Stockport/Manchester area of Britain who has any knowledge or archives concerning his branch of the Hilton family or of cousin branches in England or overseas. (written 2001) Contact by e-mail Richard Hilton.

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