Mather & Platt Ltd. - Archival Views 4 - New Year's Honour 2000

From February 2000 - Volume 7 #2

One of the best known and respected people in the U.K. fire industry has been distinguished as a Member of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire by Queen Elizabeth.

Leslie Heaviside, Engineering  Director for Wormald (Ansul) U.K. in Manchester, England, has enjoyed a 50-year career with Wormald beginning as a General Engineering Apprentice with Mather & Platt.

Twice each year on New Year’s Eve and her official birthday on June 6, Her Majesty the Queen bestows a number of honours on British citizens, who are recommended to her by the prime minister.

Awards such as these are a fascinating part of British culture – kings and queens have honoured people with them since the fourteenth century. The awards go mainly to high-ranking civil servants, county, and city  officials, people involved in charity work, but to only a few representatives of industry such as Heaviside.

“I am absolutely delighted with this award, which came as a complete surprise,” Heaviside said. “I am fortunate to have had a lifetime career in fire protection, and while I am thrilled to accept the honour, I am also pleased that it reflects a recognition of the good work that is being done by our industry in protecting lives and property from fire.”

Heaviside is a past chairman of the British Automatic Sprinkler Association, a member of  Eurofeu Committee on Fire Suppression, Chairman of the British Standards Institution Subcommittee on Fire Protection, a Member of the CEN (European Standards) Fire Protection Committee, Leader of the U.K. Delegation to ISO Committee, and Director of the Loss Prevention Certification Board.

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