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We mourn the loss and celebrate the life of
Company Chairman, M. R. (Manu) Chhabria.
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Since Marcel Boschi's History of Mather & Platt Ltd. was launched, some interesting and kind comments have been received from India. Now that the Indian company history pages are in place, it is fitting that those early comments should also be recorded here. See below ...
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From the 1960s - the top picture here shows Mr. V. P. Mehta (Maharashtra) supervising work on a screwing machine whilst the lower image shows a Mather Greaves 7-bowl calender in operation at a Bombay mill.

I worked for Mather and Platt in India for nearly twenty years (1974-1993). There is a hundred year old pumping station on the river Ganges right in front of my house in Calcutta. They have Mather & Platt split case pumps nearly eighty years old. India is full of old M&P pumps. I collected some pictures for M&P India's corporate brochure in 1989. Himadri Sen.

I was an employee at Mather and Platt, India, situated in Pune.  I started as a Pump Test Engineer and rose to the position of Whole Time Director in 1996 and left the company in 1999 after 30 years service of which I enjoyed every bit.

During my tenure with the company I had the opportunity of associating with many people from Park Works, Manchester, some of whom have shaped my career. One such person whom I shall never forget is Percy Isherwood who was the General Manager of Mather and Platt, India and was responsible for the growth of the company under most difficult times during the early 70s.

I fondly recollect the days when I worked for him and learnt the skills of pump making. We started in a humble way, making some of the small Plurovanes and steadily progressed to making some of the large split casing pumps up to 48"/54'' - the largest ever built by any pump company in India. I also remember visiting his home at Bolton and spending a day at his residence.

My visit to Park Works during the summer of 1980 will always be remembered by me as it was my first overseas visit and that too to the parent company which shaped my career. I remember walking into Eric Drewery's office - he was the then Director in charge of Park Works. I can still remember Norman Ellison - who was then in charge of Quality - explaining to me the Quality norms at Park Works.

I  recall also accompanying Norman to the Kalpakkam Nuclear Power station at Chennai in the South of India to attend to some of the large condensate extraction pumps. We had the wonderful opportunity of meeting the then Indian cricket team and also seeing a test match between India and the West Indies. Norman, being a regular umpire for the local English County, was simply thrilled with the experience.

I also vivdly recollect my association with Martin Thomas and Dr Kumar who were responsible for introducing the FG Boiler Feed Pumps in India and from whom I had the opportunity of enhancing my knowledge about the Advanced Class Boiler Feed Pump technology.

By chance, I came across this  wonderful website which took me back in time, bringing back nostalgic memories of good old Mather and Platt. I do know of many other people in India who have fond memories of association with Mather and Platt. I shall certainly convey to them the news about this website and you may have a lot to hear from these people about the good old times.

Mather and Platt in India still exists but with a whole lot of people who perhaps do not know what it was to be a member of the Mather and Platt, Park Works family. Kris Menon.

It is really a marvellous effort at your end to compile such a prestigious corporate history of Mather +
Platt. We are delighted to be a part of this organization.
The Indian National Colours -
Saffron for courage, white for truth and peace, and green for faith and prosperity.
With best wishes from Satish G. Pillai
Managing Director, Mather & Platt Pumps Ltd., India.
M.V. Yerewa
M. V. Yerewa built in Bombay
and equipped by Mather & Platt
with Grinnell Automatic Sprinklers.
There is currently a vessel called the 'TSS Yerewa'. It is a ferry operating around Chennai. Question: Is this the same vessel?

From M&P (UK) 1960s company Journal