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1922 S.A. Mather & Platt Business Luncheon at the Café de la Paix

On March 24th, Sir John Wormald, the first Chairman of Mather & Platt S.A. and Mr. Loris Emerson Mather, Director of the Board of the
French Company, crossed to France to take part in an informal inauguration of the French Company and hold the first full Directors' meeting.
Business Luncheon 1922 at The Café de la Paix
Who's who ...
S.A. Mather & Platt - France - was incorporated in 1921.
All the representatives came from their respective districts.

Mr. Jules Erny (also a Director) from Mulhouse
(later Chairman of the Company Jules Erny, Ingénieur-Constructeur,  Fire sprinklers system of Mulhouse-Dornach)

Mr. C. Blum, from Marseille and Baron François Roissard de Bellet from Paris

Mr. T. Hume (the Chief of Construction in the North of France, from ROUBAIX)  

Mr. V. L. Grasser and Monsieur L. Lyon, from Brussels and Mr. R. F. Kindersley, from Lille (later Chairman of M+P France)

The only member of the staff who was missing was Mr. R. Hilton who was
engaged on that date in measuring up a job near Biarritz. (See "People" index)
Article extract reporting the luncheon ...
Regret was expressed that Mr. Mather had to go back so soon
and Mr. Potter hoped that they would see him Paris again soon.
9, Avenue Bugeaud, 75116 PARIS
Fire Engineering, Park Works, 59100 ROUBAIX
Food Machinery, Atelier de l'Eau Blanche, Route de Rosporden, 29000 QUIMPER
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