Mather & Platt Ltd. - Archival Views 3 - Letter from The Ministry 1945

Tel. Didsbury 2465.
Ministry of Aircraft Production,
"Highfield ",
Dene Rd,.
Manchester 20

28th May, 1945.

Dear Williams,

You will learn from E.S.O. Circular No.205 that the delegated powers to authorise emergency building works, and release materials, which were invested in the Emergency Services Organisation, will no longer be operative by the Organisation after the end of May 1945. This then is the signal to the Emergency Services organisation to stand down.

I cannot let this occasion pass without expressing to you, and to your colleagues, the warmest appreciation of the Government, and of all who have been officially associated with you in this great enterprise.

My successive Ministers from Lord Beaverbrook onwards, as well as the heads of the other Supply Departments, have always acknowledged the great debt owed by the Country to the resolute and highly qualified band of factory executives, of which you were one, who organised a system of mutual aid in industry and saw to it that reconstruction priorities were given where they were most needed.

The achievements of the Emergency Services Organisation were not, and could not be, well known to the general public, but the impact of your activities, which resulted in such rapid reconstruction of damaged war factories, was brought home to the enemy and contributed an important and vital part to his defeat.

We have had the satisfaction of facing and fighting together a menace to our industry, the jeopardising of even a part of which might have been decisive. The outstanding success of the Emergency Services Organisation in the North West and elsewhere, in spite sometimes of crises and difficulties which you were always most willing and competent to overcome, is the measure of its achievement and of the country's debt to you.

You have been unstinting in your services and your enthusiasm. I hope that arrangements can be made to acknowledge them in a more official form. Meanwhile on behalf of my Minister, the various Government Departments, and all those associated with us, please accept our warmest thanks. We know that the goodwill, the happy associations, the ability to improvise, the unstinting will to service and the success of the Organisation have not been in vain and will continue, if not officially, at any rate in spirit.

Yours sincerely,
Sgt. Alfred Neate.
Regional Controller
Ministry of Aircraft Production.

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