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Larry Grinnell writes -

This is a cast iron or steel bookend, approximately 8 inches wide by 6 inches high (20 x 15 cm). It is painted to resemble the patina of an older copper or bronze piece. There is a stamped mark on the reverse indicating it was cast in 1923 at a foundry in Warren, Ohio. It is quite heavy—at least one to two kilos. My cousin found it in an antique store in Massachusetts.

Grinnell Memorabilia
Quiz Answer ...
This is the upper part of a cigar ashtray. There are no markings as to date of manufacture. The pole and base are most likely stainless steel. The ash tray casting is probably steel. The cup (used to extinguish cigars), is a polished metal, perhaps a steel or copper alloy, which is chrome plated.


This is a top view of the cigar ashtray.



This is a full-length view of the ashtray.
It is approximately one meter high—perhaps a bit taller than that.

Here is a photo of me taken in early May (2001) after passing the final (of seven) examination required to obtain my Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer certification. It was taken in my office at Motorola in Boynton Beach, Florida, USA. Visit the Grinnell Family Association Official Website to find out more about the origins of the Grinnell family.
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