Albert Lambert

The following Obituary was prepared by Albert's family and appears here with gratitude and respect.

By this time, his connection with the Institute had stretched back more than 60 years, beginning in 1935 when he became a part-time student whilst serving his apprenticeship with Mather & Platt Ltd.

Towards the end of his career with Mather & Platt Ltd. he was approached by UMIST to become a member of the Court and Council of the Institute. In this capacity he saw service as chairman of the General Services Committee, Student Residences Committee and Catering Committee. He was also a member of the Strategy Committee, Finance Committee, Budget Group, Non-Academic Establishment Committee, Endowment Fund Committee and Charter & Statutes Committee. In 1990, he was appointed Deputy Chairman of the Council.

Respected because "his judgement of issues is invariably shrewd and sound" and because "his support is always generous and consistent", he won the admiration of his peers. This was especially true in his rôle as chairman of the Construction Sub-committees set up from time to time by UMIST to oversee all aspects of major construction projects.  In the words of Dr. R.P.M. Proctor, who gave the citation on the occasion of the award of his degree, the award represented "recognition of a distinguished career in industry and outstanding service to UMIST." ... and his career in industry was entirely served with the company, Mather & Platt Ltd.

A characteristic that has been attributed to him in the public arena by both UMIST and Mather & Platt Ltd., is that of loyalty. As a private man, that loyalty applied equally to his family and to the communities in which he operated.

Beginning as an apprentice in the Craft and Drawing Office at Mather & Platt Ltd. in 1935, he achieved his HNC in Mechanical Engineering - with distinction - and, during World War II, took an Associateship of the College, having to content himself with service (Lieutenant) in the Home Guard, being ineligible for armed service (reserved occupation) and on medical grounds - despite several attempts to apply and as many protestations! In later life he went on to become a Chartered Engineer and a Fellow of I.Mech.E., B.I.M. and I.I.M.

In almost fifty years with the company, he rose to become Managing Director of the Fire Engineering Division and Deputy Chairman of the company. He was responsible at one time for over 2000 employees.

Leslie HeavisideDuring his career he became an acknowledged expert in the field of Fire Engineering and was a sought-after speaker and lecturer in his areas of expertise and experience. He spoke at many conferences in Britain and abroad. He represented the firm on visits to Canada (1967) and America (1967 and 1977) - contributing markedly to the profile of the 'mother company' on these occasions. Whilst in America he was also the guest of the Grinnell Corporation continuing in the Mather & Platt tradition of co-operation with Grinnell which had, by then, been associated with the company for almost a century.

He also visited Australia (with A. Orr) and toured the various Wormald establishments - from the Wormald International Head Office in Crows Nest to "Central Station" and Wormald Security Controls, to the Fire Protection Division at Dee Why and the Fire Door Division at Brookvale. Travelling onwards to Melbourne he visited Wormald Security Controls and the Wormald Guard Company, thence to Ballarat to view the Australian Tube Mills. Back in Sydney, after a hectic and informative ten days - interspersed with local sight-seeing and cullinary adventures - he was farewelled at the Company Head Office.

An adept administrator and lucid writer, he produced comprehensive documentation and on several occasions was responsible for complete "snap-shot" reports with recommendations as to the operations and effective strategies of various aspects of his Division. His insight, experience and care - for company and workforce - earned him the respect and much of the praise that has been quantified in the paragraphs above.

Mather & Platt Long Service AssociationWhen the company was eventually absorbed by Wormald, its Australian cousin, Albert Lambert was appointed Deputy Chairman of the company in 1979 and remained on the 1980 Board as Managing Director of the Fire Engineering Division. He gave the new organisation - as one of its most experienced and long-serving members - some of the stability and guidance needed to steer it forwards into the cyber age.

Significant evidence of his standing within the industry may be taken from the fact that he was appointed as Senior Industrialist to the Department of Trade and Industry's Enterprise Initiative and he served in that capacity from 1983 to 1991.