When the tower and office buildings of Park Works were built in 1902, the floors were laid by local carpenters. One such man was Sydney Eccles. "Sydney Eccles laid this board on January 9th 1902. Address No. 48 Lloyd Street, Oldham, Manchester." When the offices and tower were demolished, this fascinating relic was discovered quite by chance amongst the débris and was rescued. It was given to the Chairman of Wormald, U.K - Mr. Gary Ravencroft. It is believed that he has recently made a gift of it to the Mather & Platt Long Service Association.
Sydney Eccles, Carpenter, left  his mark in 1902 - Click  here
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The Mather & Platt Long Service Association
Image adapted from original photograph by Mr. Eamon O'Brien.
Mr. O'Brien is a member of the L.S.A. Committee.