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The Last Days of Newton Heath ...
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Long Service
The Proposed Mather & Platt MuseumForemen's Annual Dinner, 1926
- forerunner of the M&P L.S.A. annual celebration ...

This particular dinner was held at the Victoria Hotel on December 3rd, 1926 with over eighty Foremen and guests attending.

"The function was introduced by an attempt - arranged by the Publicity Department - to take a flashlight photograph of the company present ... it was noticed that the photographer made a hasty exit by an inconspicuous doorway, and in view of the dense smoke which for a time befogged the room, it was, perhaps, as well! However, as soon as the excellent dinner itself was served, this minor affair was speedily forgotten and everyone proceeded to do justice to the excellent fare provided. Towards the close of the repast, Mr. Flockton made a short and witty speech of welcome to the guests of the Foremen and took the opportunity of thanking the Directors of the Company ..."

2003 - The Proposed Mather & Platt Museum
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