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Ernest Boschi > S.A. M+P (France) E. Boschi
Fred Dowson F. Dowson
Ralph Dowson > Dowson, Taylor & Co. > Fred Dowson R. Dowson
Frederick Grinnell and family USA The Grinnells
Leslie Heaviside L. Heaviside
Robert Hilton R. Hilton
Dr. Edward Hopkinson E. Hopkinson
Albert Lambert A. Lambert
William Mather, Loris Emerson Mather & Sir William Loris Mather The Mathers
Herbert North H. North
William Wilkinson Platt - by - General Sir William Platt and his family The Platts
Osborne Reynolds O. Reynolds
Edward and (his son) Arthur Roberts E & A.Roberts
James Robinson J. Robinson
John Taylor > Dowson, Taylor & Co. > N. Taylor/J.F.Taylor The Taylors
Ted Williams T. Williams
John Wormald J. Wormald
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