William Edward WormaldWilliam Edward Wormald

William Edward Wormald (d.1922) - was a brother of Sir John Wormald. He played an important part in the development of the company alongside his brother.

They were both brothers to the Wormald-launched company in Australia - Wormald, the name that now lives on beyond Mather & Platt and Taylor & Dowson. It was Joseph Wormald who established the business, Russell and Wormald in Australia, which continued operating in this name until 1900.

William Wormald moved to London from Manchester at the invitation of his brother, John. With his family, his wife and two children, he lived at "Lisleworth" in Esher, Surrey. Some years later, he died under somewhat tragic circumstances.

A memorandum was circulated at his company offices, in October of 1922, a short while after his death and it gives details of his standing as a man and as a colleague. The Wormald family was a large one and cousin branches are spread throughout the world both as a result of their business interests and inter-marriage. The United States of America, Canada, Australia, South Africa and Asia. In fact, Willie or Bill (both names by which W.E. Wormald was affectioately known) spent much of his time in Asia - China, Japan, Burma and the Malay Straits - representing the company and developing the installation of sprinklers in those countries. An official company obituary may be found by following the 'memorandum' link above.

Information gratefully received from his grand-daughter, Wilma van Stratum