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David is currently working on a student version of "Salomon Pavey - Prince of Players". This will include material for technology, comprehension, history, artworks and literary criticism. If you, as a teacher (or student!) are interested in this project please email Galloping Fox. You may wish to be involved in its development (shared royalties) or just want to be notified when/where it can be purchased; either way, get in touch!

Tell Me Of Love


Story #1 in ... TELL ME OF LOVE
Bell Ringer (Adult Literacy Series) Level 3 - #1
Genre: Romance Anthology
1-58124-789-3 978-1-58124-789-3
Editorial Director: Sally J. Walker
Managing Editor: Jean A. Lukesh
Cover art and Bell Ringer logo by: Judith Huey
Trade Paperback, 207 pgs. $24.95

The romantic stories of this Level 3 anthology depict
couples struggling to find the common element that will bind
them forever - love.

Jean Lukesh has been a writer for as long as she can remember. She has always loved horses, cowboys, and the Old West. She holds a B.A., two M.A.'s, and endorsements in education, English, language arts, history, social sciences, educational media, and other areas. She is also a doctoral student in curriculum and instruction. A teacher, school librarian (for more than 27 years), author, editor, publisher, and historian, she often gives workshops and presentations at state and regional conferences on the subjects of reading (books for reluctant readers and reading motivation), writing, curriculum integration, educational media, and western history.

The Private e-mails of William Shakespeare



Genre: Humor
Author: David Drew-Smythe
eBook (popular formats):,



Author, David Drew-Smythe, is a specialist Drama teacher, stage director and freelance writer with a keen sense of humor (William Shakespeare would have embraced him). Here David gives you a tongue-in-cheek look into Shakespeare's private online life.


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