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Mrs. Miniver Comes Home1. Mrs. Miniver Comes Home
The New Car2. The New Car
Guy Fawkes' Day3. Guy Fawkes' Day
The Eve of the Shoot 4. The Eve of the Shoot
Christmas Shopping5. Christmas Shopping
Three Stockings 6. Three Stockings
The New Engagement Book7. The New Engagement Book
The Last Day of the Holidays8. The Last Day of the Holidays
In Search of a Charwoman9. In Search of a Charwoman
The First Day of Spring 10. The First Day of Spring
On Hampstead Heath 11. On Hampstead Heath
A Country House Visit 12. A Country House Visit
Mrs. Downce 13. Mrs. Downce
Married Couples14. Married Couples
A Drive to Scotland 15. A Drive to Scotland
The Twelfth of August 16. The Twelfth of August
At The Games 17. At The Games
The Autumn Flit 18. The Autumn Flit
Gas Masks 19. Gas Masks
"Back to Normal" 20. "Back to Normal"
Badger and the Echidna 21. Badger and the Echidna
"A Wild Day" 22. A Wild Day
"New Year's Eve" 23. New Year's Eve
"Choosing a Doll" 24. Choosing a Doll
"At The Dentist's" 25. At The Dentist's
"A Pocketful of Pebbles" 26. A Pocketful of Pebbles
"Brambles and Apple Trees" 27. Brambles and Apple Trees
"The Khelim Rug" 28. The Khelim Rug
On The River 29. On The River
Left and Right 30. Left and Right
"Doing a Mole" 31. "Doing A Mole"
The New Dimension 32. The New Dimension
London in August 33.
London in August
Back From Abroad 34.
Back From Abroad
At The Hop-picking 35.
At The Hop-picking
From Needing Danger 36.
"From Needing Danger"
Additional articles and letters published in The Times.

These pieces were published after the early editions of 'Mrs. Miniver'.
Mrs. Miniver Makes a List 37. Mrs. Miniver Makes a List
Peace-in-War 38. Peace-In-War
A Moonless Week39. A Moonless Week
Some Points of View 40. Some Points of View
Time-lag Tragedies 41. Time-lag Tragedies

The Miniver Rose

A rose enthusiast, writing in a message forum about roses, has this to say: "According to Sterling Macoboy's The Ultimate Rose Book, the rose Mrs. Miniver was named by Jackson & Perkins after the very popular movie character. The same source suggests that it is hard to find."

As the product of the MGM film, much has since been written about the "Miniver Rose". The prize-winning bloom has fed the imagination of growers and artists alike.

This is one particular artist's vision - painted by Irina Ohl and called Mrs. Miniver's Roses. Click on this link to visit her site.

Irina is a fourth generation artist. Her mother, known as "Erna", was one of Isadora Duncan’s original dancers. After retiring, Erna began painting her unique collages of birds.

Irina’s German grandmother was a miniaturist artist and her great grandmother, a designer for the Court in Bavaria. Irina’s father, George Nebolsine, painted and exhibited oils and watercolors at the Art Student League in New York.

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