Jan Struther - by Fritz Reichl  - image courtesy of Robert Maxtone Graham and Bev Placzek
Fritz Reichl

Fritz Reichl, the artist of this 1947 portrait of Jan Struther, was mainly known for the quality of his architectural work and design. He was a colleague of the "1919" Bauhaus Movement furniture designer and celebrated architect, Josef Hoffman.

Between the wars, in Vienna, Reichl was instrumental in redesigning the apartments of the mother of the (later) Australian (and international) architect, Harry Seidler. This association gave the latter a deep and lasting childhood appreciation of design. He learned also from Reichl much about the basis of Modern architecture - a style that Seidler's work so distinctly embraces today.

Fritz Reichl died in 1959. He was a cousin of Jan Struther's second husband, Dolf Placzek.

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