Publication Note: Mrs. Miniver was first published on the Court Page of The Times, London, at intervals from 1937 to 1939. It was first published in book form by Chatto and Windus - London, 1939. The first American edition was published by Harcourt Brace - New York, 1940. Editions and translations have also been published - from 1942 onwards - in Canada, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Japan, Italy, Switzerland, France, Belgium, Hungary, Mexico, Cuba and Argentina.Robert Maxtone Graham

This authorised Internet Edition of Mrs. Miniver was published in April 2001 by Jan Struther's son - Robert Maxtone Graham - and contains the comprehensive introduction written by Valerie Grove for the Virago edition of Mrs. Miniver in 1989 - reproduced here by kind permission of the writer. The characters in this book were used by MGM in the famous wartime film of the same name, in 1942. Jan Struther is the pseudonym of Joyce Maxtone Graham (Placzek) (née Anstruther) 1901-1953. Robert Maxtone Graham 2001