The Ballad of Salomon Pavey
World Première Production - July 1st - 3rd 1976
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Original Production
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Et Virtutem et Musas (Belmont School Motto)
The Arts at Belmont
Peter & Wendy Foster
Peter & Wendy Foster
Pre- production
First Press Cutting
The Ballad of Salomon Pavey
An Elizabethan Ballad Opera
(Based on The Children of The Chapel Royal)
by Jeremy James Taylor & David Drew-Smythe
Music arranged by Gordon Roland-Adams & Brian Bennett
Director/Production Design - Jeremy James Taylor
Music Director - Gordon Roland-Adams
Technical Director - David Drew-Smythe
Early Music Consort
Leader: Martin Eastwell (Lute)
Alison Crum (Bass Viol & Sackbut)
Donald Halliday (Recorders)
Jeremy West (Recorder & Cornetto)
Peter Williamson (Lute & Cittern)
Costume Design - Mary Adnams
Lighting Director - Peter Bolton
Choreography - Jo Jelly
The Players of The Play
Dicky Robinson (William Hunnis) played by Jasper Britton
Stephen Alabaster (Salomon Pavey) played by Michael Petter
Jack Fletcher (A Chapel Boy) played by Robbie Craighead
Adam Jolly (A Chapel Boy) played by Thomas Creighton
Ralph Hayward (A Chapel Boy) played by Simon Hall
Robert Gough (A Chapel Boy) played by John Holmes
William Purdey (A Chapel Boy) played by Graeme Jacombs
Edward Seeley (A Chapel Boy) played by Jimmy Lumsden
Thomas Rich (Chapel Boy/Playwright) played by Gareth Mathias
Alexander Cooke (A Chapel Boy) played by Alexander Nissen
William Sheppard (The Porter) played by Neil Lillywhite
Ralph James (The Earl of Oxford) played by Robert Harkavy
James Adams (John Lyly) played by Alan Schwarzenberger
Nathan Field (Nathaniel Giles) played by Ian Wicks
Sam Pepper (A Paul's Boy) played by Dominic Eglinton
Rafe Allan (A Paul's Boy) played by Guy Gimson
Kit Webster (A Paul's Boy) played by David Glynne-Percy
Thomas Fullalove (A Paul's Boy) played by Jonathan Green
Davey Fitton (A Paul's Boy) played by Gideon Hillman
Will Seymour (A Paul's Boy) played by Simon Lewis
Henry Fitch (A Paul's Boy) played by Andrew Miller
Daniel Kempster (A Paul's Boy) played by Lars Smith
Geophrey Betts (A Paul's Boy) played by Richard Taylor
Joseph Forester (Philip Stubbes) played by Simon Herrington
Simon Weavers (Stephen Gosson) played by Andrew Peters
Production Team
Production Manager - Trevor Bale
Stage Management - Hitesh Mistry, Guy Bewsher, Graham Scott
Set Construction - Paul James, Ralph Mills
Painting - David McHenry
Wardrobe Supervisor - Wendy Foster
Wardrobe Assistants - Mary McCally, Alison Kirkham, Shirley Creighton,
Olive Warwick, Anne Funnell, Alison Humphreys
Properties - Stanley Boyce, Guy Bewsher
Masks - Des O'Shea
Make-up Supervisor - Mary Winter
House Management - Chris Funnell
Box Office - Pat Woodman
Accountant - Margaret Deane
Publicity Manager - Julian Senior
Printing & Design Consultancy - David Wozencroft
Posters, Programmes, T-shirts - Printing by renoir
Photographics - Gordon Waite, Alexander Kissin