The Ballad of Salomon Pavey
With Good Company

The National Youth Music Theatre was formed in 1976 to mount this very piece and proved to be an immediate success. "The Ballad of Salomon Pavey" later played at the Edinburgh Festival where it won one of the first ever Fringe First Awards and then moved to London where it enjoyed a run as part of the Queen's Silver Jubilee Celebrations in 1977.

The stage play was adapted for television by Jeremy James Taylor and televised at Christmas in 1977 by ATV Network. (Director: Richard Brammall). The book and libretto were first published by Oxford University Press (Music) in 1979. Subsequently, the work was re-published in 1989 by Josef Weinberger Ltd.

Covent Garden Festival 1996

National Youth Music Theatre
in association with King's College School Wimbledon.
Directed by Jeremy James Taylor - Musical Director Michael Jenkins

June 12 1996 - The Times

Ruff Airs and Graces
The Ballad of Salomon Pavey
St Paul's, Covent Garden, London

ROSENCRANTZ, of Hamlet fame, spoke of "an eyrie of children" who "are now the fashion and so berattle the common stages that many wearing rapiers are afraid of goose-quills and dare scarce come thither", Hilary Finch writes. He was speaking of the formidable troupe of child actors of the Chapel Royal who, along with the boys of St Paul's Singing School, dominated the public playhouses in the mid-16th century.

He might, of course, have been referring to the National Youth Music Theatre which, in the past 20 years on the boards, has certainly rattled a common stage or two and put its professional colleagues on their mettle. The NYMT's first show, originally written for Belmont School in north London, celebrated its Elizabethan confrères. The Ballad of Salomon Pavey, revived for the Covent Garden Festival and played in London's actors' church while street theatre tumbled and toiled outside in the evening heat, has worn well ... beneath its gentle pavans and galliards lie the visionary moments which light their best work.

Norwich Cathedral & Diocese
900 Years Anniversary
November 21 & 22 1996
Norwich School Junior Play, in the Cathedral.

Ipswich School - 1997

~ Pre-production notes ... " It is 1583 and the boys of the Chapel Royal and St. Paul's School are preparing to take part in the Queen's birthday celebrations, encouraged and funded by the Earl of Oxford. Salomon Pavey is the most celebrated child actor of the generation, noted for his portrayal of old men.

The forthcoming birthday revels place great demands on all concerned, but especially Salomon. His friend Will Sheppard, the Porter, watches with dismay as Salomon's health deteriorates, a fact that seems to escape his taskmasters. Supported by his friends Jack, Thomas and Kit, Salomon makes it through to the final rehearsal.

This play is by turns comic and serious and the cleverly arranged period music is an integral part of the storytelling. There are lots of laughs along the way but be warned: the moving final scenes may have you reaching for your handkerchief."

National Youth MusicTheatre (UK) - Productions of - "The Ballad of Salomon Pavey" - 2000
Winning a Fringe First in 1976, this moving ballad opera about the Elizabethan boy actors of the Chapel Royal, led to the founding of the NYMT. The production was revived last year to launch the Education Season at Shakespeare's Globe, London.
20th - 22nd April

7th May 

27th - 28th May  

10th July 

Brewery Arts Centre, Kendal 

Newbury Corn Exchange 

Pomegranate Theatre, Chesterfield

Middle Temple Hall, London