Bryan Betty

Bryan Betty graduated from the Australian Academy of Dramatic Arts in 1989 and was a founding Director of IDAS. He was also a key actor in Matchbox Theatre Company. He has been successfully associated with Theatre and Theatre Arts for more than a decade. His skill as a performer and his expertise as a tutor in acting have been widely appreciated by those who have worked with him - students and colleagues alike. He has a particular aptitude for improvisation, winning major acclaim in Australian Theatre Sports for many years.

In the mid 1990s he became interested in using theatre for Management and Workplace seminars - presenting material through improvisation as an educational and training vehicle. His most recent project was presented in October 2000 in partnership with Stuart McCure (together they are - Dramatic Change). It was a seminar based around the findings of a large-scale qualitative-quantitative research study on what makes a medical representative visit relevant to a doctor.

Dramatic Change - is an organisation dedicated to the development of better interpersonal communication skills for the Australasian pharmaceutical and medical arenas. Presentations offer a unique juxtaposition of strategic marketing, General Practice medicine, liberal arts and performance expertise which ensures an entirely fresh approach.

Stuart McCure (B.Bus., B.A.) has a background in strategic marketing, consulting, qualitative research and product management. He has additional expertise in scriptwriting and theatre production.

Dr Bryan Betty (M.D., Ch.B., F.A.C.R.R.M.) In addition to his performance and teaching skills, he has been in general medical practice for upwards of ten years and is currently working in a rural hospital. He is Chairman of a Division of General Practice. He also has corporate writing, production and presentation expertise.