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The Salomon Pavey Files - The Ballad Opera - founding work of NYMT (UK) - premiere details and photograph galleries - historical and production background - research and information pages, including Shakespeare's Globe Theatre, London production 1999.

Links to Shakespeare research pages, Elizabethan people, society and Tudor times.

NYMT (UK) - One of the world's most influential theatre companies for young people, NYMT has trained and launched the careers of several respected performers and is responsible for a fine catalogue of major new works in music theatre and performance.

Pavey - by David Drew-Smythe - novel extracts from the Salomon Pavey story. Salomon Pavey died in 1602, aged 13, famous as a child actor of Queen Elizabeth Ist's Chapel Royal. He was as celebrated as Shakespeare in his day and was the subject of a moving Epitaph by Ben Jonson. The novel is inspired by the original stage play (Ballad Opera Libretto) "The Ballad of Salomon Pavey" by Jeremy James Taylor and David Drew-Smythe, written in 1975/6.

Pavey Film ~ Draft Script

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