David Drew-Smythe - Teacher B.Ed. (R.S.A./P.Cert. T.E.F.L)
Languages: English, French, Danish.
UK Primary/Middle
NSW K-6 Syllabus
English Arts/French/Drama/Technology/E.S.L
UK Middle/Secondary
Theatre Studies/E.S.L.
Drama/Theatre Studies
Actor Training/Theatre Arts
Tockington Manor School 1957/64 ~ Tockington Manor School
Clifton College 1964/68 ~ Clifton College
University of Exeter (St. Luke's) 1969/73 ~ University of Exeter
The NSW Teachers' Federation
NSW Teachers Federation
Head of English - Belmont School
Belmont, The Mill Hill Junior School, Mill Hill, London 1975/85. Primary/Middle School
Head of Drama - Belmont School
The Mill Hill Junior School, Mill Hill, London 1976/85. Primary/Middle School. Penny Sugg, 12/2002
Co-Founder/Director (with Penny Sugg) ~ "Fabriken"
Performing Arts School, originally in association with Arhus International School, Denmark 1986/87.
(Penny Sugg is more widely known for her tv work in Australia - the original "Skippy" series, inter alia.)
Head of Drama - The Mount School
The Mount School, Mill Hill, London 1988. Primary/Middle/Secondary School. Standard Course Drama K-12 to G.C..S.E. and A' Level/University Entrance. Group and Individual Projects - University Board Moderator (Drama).
Tutor - The Australian Academy of Dramatic Arts, Sydney 1989/90.
Acting and Theatre Studies - Tertiary full time and part time students. Also Language (EFL/ESL) through Drama and performance with overseas adult students (China, Korea, Taiwan etc.)
Company Director/Tutor - The International Dramatic Arts Studio P/L, Sydney 1990/94.
Drama/Theatre Workshop Tutor/Facilitator
Adult, Intermediate and Junior Course students. ~ The International Dramatic Arts Studio (IDAS), Sydney ~ NSW Adult Migration Educational Service (AMES) ~ English language learning through Drama Project (IDAS/Idiomatics) ~ NSW Blind Citizens' Association Drama Workshops and Performances. ~ Royal Blind Society Junior Workshops. 1990/93. A series of four classes also developed and provided for quad- and paraplegic adult students; Drama therapy and recreation.
Drama Specialist/Classroom Teacher/Technology Specialist - N.S.W.
Department of Education & Training - Port Jackson District - 1990 >
Specialist & Consultancy
Drama Curriculum
design/implementation ~ Belmont (The Mill Hill Junior) School, Mill Hill, London 1976
Speech & Drama
Centre co-ordinator ~ Belmont (The Mill Hill Junior) School, Mill Hill, London 1978 - 1985 for Trinity College (London) Grade Examinations. ~ Trinity College
Co-director/Segment Writer
("The Trouble With You" & "The Bubble Up Front") ~ Graduation Performances - The Australian Academy of Dramatic Arts, 1989
Drama Curriculum
implementation ~ Dobroyd Point Primary School, Sydney NSW 1989
Bamjats Theatre Company, "The Glass Domino" . NSW Schools' Performances and T.I.E. Workshops ~ Play building ~ Text/Character deconstruction, 1991
Drama Curriculum
staff inservice + implementation and delivery ~ Dulwich Hill Primary School, Sydney NSW 1994
(Media Studies) English Outcomes through Media Studies, DSC Workshop NSW Department of Education, 1996
(Under 15 Drama Improvisation Teams) Dulwich Hill Primary School ~ 3rd Place 1997 (Sydney NSW Performing Arts Challenge) (1st/2nd/3rd 1998 in association with Kate James)
Consultant Drama Writer/Teacher
(New Drama Syllabus Units of Work for Creative and Performing Arts Syllabus 2000) NSW Board of Studies 1997/8 (Writer - "If The Cap Fits" Unit).
Drama Consultant
(Unit of Work) (Kate James/Jenny Jackson) Multicultural Perspectives In The Curriculum NSW Department of Education and Training 1998
Consultant Research/Web Site Originator/Manager
NSW Department of Education and Training ~ Port Jackson District ~ A Shared History - Aboriginal Perspectives ~ 1999/2001
Web Site Manager/Developer
Dulwich Hill Public School - NSW Department of Education and Training ~ Port Jackson District 2001 > Dulwich Hill Primary School
Writer -Technology in Education (CSA6)
NSW Department of Education and Training ~ Assessment & Reporting Directorate, Bankstown - 2001/2002
Web Site Developer/Co-ordinator
Dulwich Hill PS - QTA initiative 2003 Our Story Telling I.T.
Recent skill areas utilised: (at Dulwich Hill Public School)
2003 - Technology Co-ordinator - "Housekeeping" and "trouble shooting" Mac and PC platforms in an educational (K-6) setting. Inauguration of dedicated technology room; overseeing change from modem Internet access to Departmental WAN cable environment; configuration of units and upgrades in software/hardware etc.
2004 - Staff inservice sessions with complete class groups (K-6); integrating technology with the curriculum (of NSW/BOSNSW).
2005 - modified "Housekeeping" and Technology teaching role. K-6 Drama Program covering Maternity Leave position. Additional Senior (Year 5 and Year 6) Dance groups.

2006 -2012 Class Teacher, Y5 & Y6 (S3) April 5th 2012 retired. April onwards Casual/Relief Teaching.

Performance Direction & Productions (Schools)
Treasure Island, 1973 ~ (Technical Director)
The Ballad of Salomon Pavey, 1976 ~ (Co-writer/Technical Director)
This work was chosen by Shakespeare's Globe Theatre, London, to open its Education Season in October 1999)
Ali Baba & The Forty Thieves , 1978 ~ (Writer/Director)
Cabbage Cabbage White White , 1979 ~ (Written by & co-directed with Vivian French)
Joseph And The Amazing Technicolour Dream Coat, 1980 ~ (Director)
Robynge Hoode 1981 ~ (Writer/Director)
Oliver! 1983 ~ (Director)
Under The Spreading Gumnut Tree, 1995 ~ (Director) ~ Music Director: Peter Moloney. (Music & Lyrics by Peter Moloney & Peter Forster) Original Compilation Show, staged performances of Traditional Australian Bush Ballads and adapted content.

A Dance/Drama involving the struggle between the powers of Good and the forces of Evil on this planet and the next! Good triumphs over Evil. The Furies are defeated by their own greed and internal mistrust. Designed for improvised input and set choreographed segments. Productions - Belmont School, London, 1982 - The Mount School, London, 1988 - Dobroyd Point Primary School, NSW, 1991 (segmented version for the NSW Sydney Metropolitan East Dance Festival 1991) - Dulwich Hill Primary School, NSW, 1994. To be produced in 2005 at DHPS.