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(Associate) The Performing Rights Society (PRS) UK 1977/93
TABS (Agency) Sydney ~ Location Tutoring
The Australian Writers' Guild, 1989 | AWG
The Australian Production Book (Tutors)
The Australian Society of Authors, 1999 | A.S.A.  
In The Fall of a Sparrow 1986 ~ First Draft Script ~
Screen version of the novel, "Child For All Seasons". A fiction woven round the character of Salomon Pavey. Written with Lisa Natasha Brady.
The Hangman & The Florist 1991 ~ Treatment ~
Described by Western Australia Film Commission reviewer as "Careyesque". Written in association with Fetid Films p/l (Sydney) Director: Bosie Vine-Miller.
New Hamburg 1991 ~ Treatment ~
Based on an idea by Sir James Hardy from childhood memories in wartime Adelaide. In association with Fetid Films p/l (Sydney) Director: Bosie Vine-Miller. Written with David Eastmure. (The Country Channel UK.)
Cop It Sweet 1993/94 ~ First Draft Script ~
Adapted and revised from an original (1990) unproduced screenplay by David Drew-Smythe (The Champagne Cockies). Written with Gary L. Clarke.
Letters From The Front 2001 ~ Treatment ~
Film based on a variety of material and letters from British Army Officers serving with the Royal Army Medical Corps during World War 1 in France and, later, in Italy.


Extra - (Teacher in Staffroom Behind Newspaper!) ~ "A Shocking Accident" 1982 - (1983 - Film Oscar Award and BAFTA Nomination.) (4 seconds of fame!)

Lead - (Prolific Husband) ~ Western Sydney Toyota promotional video - 1991 - (14 minutes of fame!) - definitely no awards.

Publishing & ConsultancyJan Struther's Mrs. Miniver

Jan Struther -A Bibliography - published by Robert Maxtone Graham. Copies in capital US and UK Libraries. Web edition with University of Pennsylvania linkage under A Celebration of Women Writers - 2001. Publication design and management - Internet Edition - Jan Struther's Mrs. Miniver - published by Robert Maxtone Graham with an introduction by Valerie Grove - 2001.
Shortlisted for The Whitbread Prize - Biography CategoryResearch and family archive submission 'The Real Mrs. Miniver' by Ysenda Maxtone Graham - 2000/1 - published in Hardback 2001 (reprinted 2002) by John Murray (London) and in paperback September 2002. Published in America November 2002 by St Martin's Press, New York ISBN 0-312-30826-4.

Memoirs of World War 1 (Richard Irving Dacre)Memoirs of World War I (The diaries of Richard Irving Dacre R.A.M.C.) A frank and fascinating account of a number of episodes in the life of this officer from the outbreak of the war and during his field service in France. The text and all accompanying photographs are copyright and appear on this site courtesy of John Dacre, the son of Richard Irving Dacre R.A.M.C. The images are adapted from original photographs scanned by Dave Ord. This publication is designed, edited and presented by David Drew-Smythe.

Stretcher Bearer! (The story of a stretcher bearer's life and service during World War 1) This is a companion publication to the above and charts the service of Edward Rawes, a stretcher bearer from the Midlands. It is published here courtesy of his son - Ted Rawes - and is based on a few surviving family documents, the official histories, the war diaries in the Public Records Office and his own recollections from his father's lifetime. It has been edited and reproduced here by David Drew-Smythe by premission of the author. - Click on the image below -
Stretcher Bearer! - Edward Rawes World War I
2000, 2001, 2002 - Without express written permission, it is illegal for anyone to copy, reproduce in any public forum, re-publish, or alter any part of the texts or any image on this site for any reason. None of the stories, in part or in whole, related here by Richard Irving Dacre or Ted Rawes may be adapted to any other medium without prior negotiation and the subsequent creation of a legally binding agreement between all parties concerned.

A History of Mather & Platt Ltd. - in association with Marcel Boschi. Web published - collected archival material relating to the foundation of the celebrated engineering company Mather & Platt Ltd. and the individuals associated with it. A journey back to the dawn of the Industrial Revolution and a glimpse into the lives of the men who, and the machines which, helped to launch - and protect - the world's industry. Listed on UNESCO Archives Portal.

Script Consultancy

Script Assessment Service. The Australian Writers' Guild 1990/94. Script Assessor ~ evaluation and feedback to writers. Screen and Stage.

Script Consultant/Editor - The Green Room Studios - (IDAS) - Script development projects 1990 - 1993.

Theatre Companies

Founding Writer (with Jeremy James Taylor) (NYMT) National Youth Music Theatre (UK) (Childrens Music Theatre Ltd.) 1976 ~ "The Ballad of Salomon Pavey".

The Ballad of Salomon Pavey ~ 1977 ~ - ATV Network (UK) - Ballad Opera Script ~ adapted for television by Jeremy James Taylor.

Script Consultant - Bamjats Theatre Co. 1990/91 ~ "The Glass Domino" by Marin Boyd Andrews & Bryan Betty ~ Director Zenith Theatre (Sydney) production 1991.

Executive Director - Matchbox Theatre Co. 1990/93 ~ Mainstream student/amateur Theatre Company attached to (IDAS) The International Dramatic Arts Studio (Sydney) specialising in avant garde productions in an intimate venue.

Originator/Performer - Idiomatics Performance Co. 1991/92 ~ Specialist performances and workshops for Adult Migrant Education Service (NSW) students.

Production Co-ordinator - Dips Me Lids Theatre Co. 1993/94 Co-operative company of players dedicated to the dramatico-musical performance of Australian Bush Poetry by writers such as Banjo Paterson and Henry Lawson. Successful Sydney Festival seasons in 1993 & 1994 at Shelley Beach and with "Banjo & The Bloke" production at Sydney's Bondi Pavilion 1994. ~ Vodaphone Australia Launch (Museum of Contemporary Art) Sydney 1994 - Theatre In A Shoeshop (Rozelle) 1994. Theatre Company Director: Susan Wildman ~ Music Director: Peter Moloney.

Designer/Director - The St. Clement's Singers 1999 ~ Dido & Aeneas, ~ Music Director: Susan Reppion-Brooke. Conductor: Richard Gill.Click rings for Olympics article - "And the Winner is ..."

Image link - Olympics article - Designer/Director - The Jubilate Singers September 2000 ~ St. Andrew's Cathedral, Sydney Olympic Arts Festival Concert Program ~ Dido & Aeneas, ~ Music Director: Susan Reppion-Brooke. Conductor: Richard Gill.Production photographs and background

Image link - Production photographs- Designer/Director - The Jubilate Ensemble April 2001 - Dido & Aeneas. In collaboration with Willoughby Symphony Orchestra and Choir - 28th Subscription Year, 2001. Jubilate Music Director: Susan Reppion-Brooke. Performance Director & Conductor: Alan Foster. Brochure Notes


The Tolkien Suite, 1975 Music Brian Bennett (Honey Hill Music) ~ Songs ~ Bilbo & Co. & Roads Are For Evermore ~ Seven minute suite for choir and orchestra based on themes from Tolkien's book, "The Hobbit". The first performance of the suite took place at Mill Hill Medical Research Centre and was part of a concert in aid of Cancer Research. Subsequently performed at The Queen Elizabeth Hall, London in 1981 by combined Mill Hill and Belmont Schools Choir and Orchestras.

The Rose Tree, 1978 ~ (translated lyric from "Roselar") ~ Music: Albert Reens /Registered SABAM (Holland).
If Wishes Were Horses, 1979 ~ Music: Albert Reens
Pebbles In The Stream, 1997 ~ Music: Bernie Heard & Simon Cook (Kintore Music NSW)


Click image for Background and History to "The Ballad of Salomon Pavey"The Ballad of
Salomon Pavey - 1979
Oxford University Press Music
Ballad Opera Script
co-written with
Jeremy James Taylor.
Image link - Background and History
The Ballad of
Salomon Pavey - 1989
Josef Weinberger Ltd. (London)
Ballad Opera Script
co-written with
Jeremy James Taylor.

Illustration by Karin KnudsenAll The King's Horses ~ 1983 ~ Children's story ~ 24 pages ~ Illustrations ~ Karin Knudsen (1st sketch of illus. #3 ). A fairytale struggle between good and evil - explaining the star mark that many horses carry.

A Fly Flew By ~ 1984 ~ Children's story ~ 16 pages ~

The Pavey Child ~ Child For All Seasons ~ Visit The Fiction Works2000 ~ Fiction woven round the life of Salomon Pavey. Under edit and preparation for publisher, 2004.

The Farmer's Daughter ~ 2001/2 ~ Short Story - The Fiction Works (USA) - Bell Ringers Series - TELL ME OF LOVE, Level 3 -#1. Educational Adult Literacy Project - Romance Short Story Collection complete with analysis and questions. Contracted April 2002. Publication September 2004. View extract Pending publication - "The Private E-mails of William Shakespeare".


Poem TextFrom 1966 onwards - poetry published ~ broadcast ~ performed. Co-ordinator The Old Casino Writers' Group 1990/92 ~ Performance Poetry and readings ~ The Old Casino ~ Rozelle, Sydney

Journey - 1998 David Drew-Smythe - Sorry Day Poem 1998. Publishing terms & conditions on application. Featured poem (adapted version) International Society of Poets Symposium March 2002 USA.

Visit Poetry.comSemi-finalist - August 2000 - "Saling" - Anthology inclusion 2000 (Flowering Splendor) - Semi-finalist - September 2000 - "Shakespeare In Lust" - Anthology inclusion 2001 - Publication (Under a Quicksilver Moon) This poem also selected for CD/Cassette anthology 'The Sound of Poetry' by The International Library of Poetry (USA) - 2002. "Echoes". 'International Poet of Merit ' Award - International Society of Poets, USA 2002. Opening poem (Gratitude) in "The Colors of Life" 2003. Also published "Drake".

Occasional Articles
Essays/Articles - available on this site
Including Sydney 2000 - ("And the Winner is ...") - "Running With The Fox - Hunting with the Hounds" - (Fox hunting article with photographs and background material) - "Hunting The Boot" - (The Windsor Forest Bloodhounds) - "An Audience With Grandma" - (Makes some sense to be hugged by Grandma) - & "Childhood Revisited" - West Wales 1959-1965.
(Previously published - Journals & Newspapers)
Off The Cuff ~ (SATIPS JOURNAL) 1970/71 ~ Three part series. A tongue-in-cheek refelection on first employment.
On Teaching Individuals ~ (SATIPS JOURNAL) 1975 ~ Short reflective essay on teaching. (See Kahlil Gibran - "The Prophet" - "Your children are not your children but ..."
Drama In The Curriculum ~ (SATIPS JOURNAL) 1977 ~ Introducing Drama into the Classroom as a mainstream subject.
The Way Over The Blue Mountains (Lawson, Blaxland & Wentworth) ~ (WESTMINSTER PRESS GROUP, London) Syndicated,1986. Six page (tabloid) spread recounting the struggle to achieve the first European crossing of The Blue Mountains, NSW.
Great Work If You Can Get It ~ (PERFORMANCE AUSTRALIA MAGAZINE) 1993 ~ single page (A4) reflection on "Creative Nation".Occasional Pictures ...
(Occasionals from the drawing board of life and the passage of time)
Oils, water-colours and computer generated images.


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