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David grew up with an interest in history and, in later years, mastered the art of computer manipulation as a research tool. At the turn of the millennium, he set about an exploration of cyberspace. By this time, he had also developed an interest in genealogy which, in turn, led to the remarkable and, quite frankly, extraordinary discoveries outlined in this work.

UNESCO PORTALS (New)  > Others > FamilyThe Family Vault, Archives and HistoriesThe Family Vault - Family pages, tracing back through several generations. A trek through time in the company of kings, queens, courtiers and commoners - featuring (inter alia) ancestry of Smyth/e, Drew, Anstruther, Cloutman, Tollemache, Manners, Neville, Jullion, Nias, Maxtone Graham, Wormald, Hanbury and Tracy (to Charlemagne). Here also may be found original source material associated with family ancestors connected with the Arts, Politics and Society. Access to pages - in family context - for the writer of 'Mrs. Miniver' Jan Struther. The Family Vault zone includes biographies and photographs and a section on the French connection to Jullion/Jullien family and 17th century Huguenot lineage as well as links to The Anstruther Guest Book (1901-1950 - currently analysed up to May 1911) and backgrounds on a number of famous visitors.

The Pity of War - Col. (Professor) H.J.Drew Smythe M.C., T.D., R.A.M.C. - Historical background material and photographs. World Wars 1 and 2 family archives. Rare Field Hospital photograph series, tent-pegging and various historical photographs and family letters concerning World Wars I and II. HJDS - The man, the Regiment - with contemporary photographs. His later work as a surgeon and educator. Published here is the personal story of Edward Rawes, a stretcher bearer, written by his son and also the World War I diary of Richard Irving Dacre, RAMC which provides a fascinating insight into many episodes he experienced during the war.

Dearest Blue Eyes - The 1919 letters. These letters were written by Major Henry James Drew Smythe, M.C. in January 1919 to his wife, Enid whilst serving with the International Commission for the Repatriation of Prisoners in Bavaria. She was at the Hotel Crystal, Boulogne, serving as a V.A.D.

They had been married in November 1914, soon after the outbreak of World War 1 and saw each other only on infrequent leave opportunities. This is the portrait of a relationship as much as an observation, with anecdotes, contained within a complete personal report of a few weeks of his work and travels in Germany and Austria less than two months after the Armistice that ended The Great War.

Ysenda Maxtone GrahamClick on the book image The Real Mrs. Miniver

The Real Mrs. Miniver

Access to details about the widely acclaimed Jan Struther biography written by her grand-daughter, Ysenda Maxtone Graham. Published by John Murray (London) November 2001. The book is outlined here in detail and provides access to a number of reviews written in the weeks following its launch.

Jan Struther's 'Mrs. Miniver' - Family Internet Edition 2001 - wide range of family and biographical detail plus free access to the complete work with an Introduction by Valerie Grove.

Easy to use within a simple frames format with the advantage of an instant link to each individual piece for flexible browsing or reading. Pages may be downloaded to computer drive or printed out from source without charge or further permission. See also University of Pennsylvania site and 'A Celebration of Women Writers' section for this work and more on Jan Struther.

Pat (Patricia) Rosemary Smythe - The first British female Olympic show jumper - and trail-blazing equestrian. During the 1950s, Pat Smythe - with Colonel Harry Llewellyn - raised the standard of British show jumping from its state of comparative mediocrity to a level which attracted international acclaim.

She was one of the more successful show jumpers of the modern era. Living in England and in Switzerland, she wrote autobiographical books and pony stories for children. There is also a forward link from the page which gives access to her life, family and background. Her father was the British officer, Eric Smythe who conducted the surrendering German officers across the line to sign the Armistice in November 1918.

Colin Smythe - PublisherColin Smythe - Colin Smythe graduated from Trinity College Dublin in 1963, and started his publishing company in 1966.

Apart from its interest in publishing books by and about Irish literary figures, Colin Smythe Ltd. published Terry Pratchett's first five books, and has been his agent since 1988. He received an honorary LLD from Trinity in 1998.

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The Hastings Legacy - tracing a line of the family back in time to King Henry VII (Tudor) of England and thence to King John, King William (the Conqueror) and, via St. Margaret, to King Ethelred (the Unrede). Family royal line back to Saxon and Norse times.The line continues back to King Alfred (the Great) and King Egbert, founder of the House of Wessex. Onward links to European lines via King Edward III. St. Margaret was the wife of Malcolm III of Scotland and the daughter-in-law of King Duncan who was murdered by Macbeth in 1040. The history of the House of Wessex became the history of the English monarchy. King Egbert (802-839) was the founder of the dynasty. His mythical descent is from Woden. The English monarchy is the oldest European institution with the exception of the papacy.

Captain R.D.S. Drew - Smythe - Burma & India WWII.Burma and India World War II. (Imphal) Captain R.D.S. Drew-Smythe - 43 ARD 4/1st K.G.V.O. Gurkha Rifles. Military, horse racing, polo, social, friends, animal transport, Gurkhas ... Commentary and photographs plus 1946 diary extracts pending post war release papers and sea passage home from India. This zone is already being used for Educational research.

.Postcards From the Zoo - a series of black & white photographs. These pictures were taken at Bristol Zoo, Clifton (UK) by Richard Drew-Smythe in 1937 when he was 16/17 years old. They formed a private postcard set. Also accessible via Family Vault.

The Man Who Would Be King Background article on Capt. R.D.S. Drew-Smythe, who co-ordinated the Bashkai battle scenes in the film 'The Man Who Would Be King' with John Huston. Main photograph with John Huston and some on-location photographs from the Hill/Huston film. Page includes access to film memorabilia item - "Battle Plan of Bashkai", signatures and comments by John Huston, Sean Connery, Michael Caine, Shakira Caine, Saeed Jaffrey et al. Also accessible via Family Vault.

Jan Struther Information about the life and works of the author. Bibliography of Jan Struther and access to the free 2001 Internet Edition of the book 'Mrs. Miniver' and a variety of family (past and present) related features, including her literary association with Ernest Shepard (illustrator). Original source material on the London Blitz and Britain at war in 1940. Also accessible in context via Family Vault - leading to her marriage to Tony Maxtone Graham and later to Dolf Placzek.

The Site of Marcel BoschiA History of Mather & Platt Ltd. by Marcel Boschi. Designed, edited and assembled on this site, this is a separate zone in which can be found a collection of archival material relating to this company and to the individuals associated with it. UNESCO PORTALS Archives > Others > Business and Labour > Europe > UK

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Security and Fire Protection - Engineering at its best. This is a journey back to the dawn of the Industrial Revolution. Mather & Platt Ltd.A glimpse into the lives of the men who, and the machines which, helped to launch - and protect - the world's industry.

Click image - The Company Mather & Platt Ltd. , - the company for which ancestor, Sir John Wormald, (qv The Family Vault) was an innovative and important Director - writing the first set of rules for the deployment of fire sprinklers which formed the basis for the development and distribution of fire sprinklers across the world after Frederick Grinnell's pioneering work in America. This section forms part of the site of Marcel Boschi.

Teifi Dreaming - views and photographs - a special corner of West Wales, UK. - River Teifi and Cardigan coast. People and Places.D'oh! There's always someone ...

For the curious ... Bart Simpson ... What's the family connection?

The first 'Bt.'