1926 - 1952
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Harry & Eva Anstruther
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Florence Sergison
Eva's sister - she married Captain Charles Warden Sergison, D.L.
Charles Hanbury-Tracy
Rhona Hanbury-Tracy
Eva's sister - She married Bertram Abel Smith
Agnes Goldman
Archaeologist ? see Note 1 below
Edwin E. Goldman(n?)
Thought to be the celebrated Doctor Goldman.
H. P. Hussey
Henry Percy HUSSEY (b. 1865) married Margaret Anne PEEL (d.1923)
Algy Hanbury-Tracy
(Algernon) Eva's brother. He died in 1915. He married Sylvia Anstruther (née Darley) - widow of Sir Windham Carmichael Anstruther.
Francis P. Whitbread
Of the Whitbread brewing family. He married Eva's sister, Ida.
Ada Sudeley
Elma Thurlow
See Note 2 below
Note 1
Agnes Goldman (extract from Gertrude Bell's letter to her mother 1899)
" ... I then went to see Agnes Goldman whom I found in bed with her vein, but perfectly well otherwise and very happy. She looked charming in her nightgown with a long long string of pearls wound round her neck. She and her spouse are so much bitten by antiquities that they are going to do some excavating on their own account in Asia Minor. Doesn't it sound fun! ..."

Ted Lehmann writes (October 2001) - "I note the signature of my great aunt, Agnes Goldman, in the Anstruther Guest Book. Agnes Goldman was the youngest of four children of Julius and Sarah Adler Goldman of New York City. The oldest, Bertha, was married to the German/American post impressionist painter Bernhard Gutmann; Marcus was a renowned geologist and supporter of radical causes; Hetty was the best known woman archeologist of her era; Agnes, married to Ashton Sanborn, was a biologist whose husband, Ashton Sanborn, became the Secretary to the Boston Museum of Fine Arts." - Gratitude is expressed to Ted Lehmann for this information. Link to Hetty Goldman. (Site of Danuta Bois).

Note 2 - Lady Elma Bruce, the daughter of the 8th Earl of Elgin - In 1864 she married the (5th) Lord Thurlow. She was the great granddaughter of James Bruce (1730-94) who was the sixth in descent from the Rev. Robert Bruce of Kinnaird (1559-1631), the noted Presbyterian divine. James Bruce was the celebrated 18th century traveller who discovered the source of the Blue Nile. He was born in Kinnaird House which is situated in an estate which lies about one mile north east of Stenhousemuir, in Stirlingshire, Scotland. He spent his later years in the house and died there from a fall down the stairs. The Lady Elma Bruce was also the name of a ship used as a transport during the 19th Century - Australia was one of its frequent destinations.

Footnote - Harry Anstruther's brother, Arthur Wellesley Anstruther, married (1893) Hon. Mary Elma Cumming-Bruce, daughter of Elma Bruce and the 5th Lord Thurloe. (alternative spelling). Mary Elma died in the following year, 1894. (? in childbirth?)