1926 - 1952
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Harry & Eva Anstruther
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Winifred (Emery) Maude
(Spouse) Cyril P. Maude
Cyril Maude - Actor.
Margery Maude
Actress - daughter of Cyril and Winifred Maude
Pamela Maude
Daughter of Cyril and Winifred Maude
Eileen Laidlay
wife of
J. (John) E. Laidlay
Celebrated Golfer
Ralph Anstruther
Harry's brother, 6th Bt.
Reginald Lucas
See Note 1 below
Rachel C. Forster
Wife of Henry William Forster - cricketer, Lord Forster of Lepe.
Ada Sudeley
Walter H. Long
Husband of
Doreen Long
Lady Doreen Long
Almeric FitzRoy
Gilbert Parker
Novelist & Politician

Note 1 - Reginald Lucas - M.P. for Portsmouth. Known for several letters (some 22 exist) to Theresa, Lady Londonderry between 1896 and 1915.