1926 - 1952
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Harry & Eva Anstruther
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W. Anstruther-Gray
Clayre Anstruther-Gray
E. Amy Fergusson
Florence Sergison
Prudence Sergison
a Sergison daughter
Cynthia Sergison
a Sergison daughter
Rosamond Hussey
Née Mary Rosamond Anstruther. See Note 1 below.
E. (Edward) W. (Windsor) Hussey
Son of Edward Hussey who married the Baroness Windsor. Edward Windsor Hussey (ca.1855 - 1952) succeeded his father in 1894.
C. McK - Stewart
Alice M. MacLeod
Rachel Forster
Hugh E. Seebohm
Leslie Seebohm
Rhona Smith
née Hanbury-Tracy married to
Bertram A. Smith
Colonel Bertram Abel Smith D.S.O., M.C.

Note 1 - Mary Rosamond Anstruther was the daughter of Lieutenant-Colonel Philip Robert Anstruther (of Thirdpart) (1841-1880) who married (1875) Zaida Mary Erskine, (d. 1922), eldest daughter of Sir Thomas Erskine of Cambo (2nd.Bt). Mary Rosamond Anstruther - married (1900) Edward Windsor Hussey of Scotney Castle, Kent. He died in 1952. She died in 1958. Her father, Lieutenant-Colonel Philip Robert Anstruther died from wounds received in action at the controversial Battle of Bronkhorstspruit (1880) in Pretoria, South Africa. Her siblings were 1. Philip George Anstruther (1875-1940) - He died unmarried and 2. Robert Abercrombie Anstruther (1879-1945). He also died unmarried.