The Anstruther Guest Book - 13th August 1902
Gertrude Agnew

John Singer Sargent - portrait of - Lady Agnew of Lochnaw

Sargent was a noted portrait painter at the turn of the 20th century, and Lady Agnew of Lochnaw, painted in June 1892, (section inset) was one of his greatest successes. The portrait was commissioned by Sir Andrew Noel Agnew, the 9th Baronet of Lochnaw in Scotland - an amateur artist himself.

This work was an instant popular and critical success at its first showing in the Royal Academy exhibition of 1893.

The Pall Mall Gazette review of the time stated "....fifteen feet from Lady Agnew every audacity of touch becomes beauty and truth. Nothing is here painted for itself as a clever bit of still life; everything forms part of a beautiful decorative scheme of colour and handling. Never in these annual shows have we seen a canvas attain such a measure of all round beauty."

Lady Agnew sold the painting to the National Gallery of Scotland shortly after Sargent's death in 1925, where the portrait can still be seen today.