The Anstruther Guest Book - 25th May 1902
John E. Laidlay and Eileen Laidlay

J.E. Laidlay (Johnny Laidlay) became well-known as a player of the ancient game of Golf - and he came from Scotland - its home! He was a two-time British Amateur Champion and runner-up in the 1893 British Open.

He was invited to be - and became - one of the members of the Royal and Ancient Golf Club appointed to administer the game of Golf and he served on the first ever Rules of Golf Committee.

An unused set of nine Philp clubs (superbly made and quite unique) was presented to him by Sir Hew Dalrymple, Bart., of Luchie. It is believed that Laidlay's Philps were crafted in the early 1850s with the aid of Philp's assistant, Robert Forgan. Recognized as a one of a kind, Laidlay's set of nine Philps was displayed, at the request of the Reverend John Kerr, at the Glasgow International Exhibition of 1901. Tragic to note, in 1981, John Laidlay's set of Philp clubs was broken up - each club was sold individually at a Sotheby's golf auction in London.